Ada Tam

5 Stars

Marguerite is very professional. She gives excellent massages and has wonderful equipment that work very well in adjunct to her massages for one's well-being, esp. in relaxation.

Andrea Restrepo Florez - Brisbane

5 Stars

Really happy with the Soqi for detox so far. My cellulite has improve a lot and I have feel better. Also my back pain has almost dissapear for the time I was on treatment. I recommended it to everyone. Marguerite is very kind!
September 2016

Ruth Hippisley - Slimming

5 Stars

I've been seeing Marguerite for only a short period , I already have seen changes in my body shape,my clothes are fitting better and my energy levels have increased.

I also always look forward to my next visit.

Tracy Smith

5 Stars

Had serious neck pain and lower legs/ankle pain, after being on the most comfy massage bed and Marguerite's knowledge of the body and magic fingers the pain went from a 10 to 1, and after my second treatment has not returned. Thank you so much. I highly recommend. Book an appointment today. xx Tracy xxx

Karen Wenzel

5 Stars

It was fantastic !
Thank you

Lynn Hsue - Circulation, Back Pain, Headache and Hayfever

5 Stars

What attracted me to your advertisement was An Alternative, non invasive therapy, Chi Far Infrared to help me with circulation and cold feet and hands and back pain management solution. I remember after the first treatment with Chi Multiple Energy I felt re-energized. Thanks again for introducing me to Chi Energy and Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I have many people common on I look healthier and more radiant. E-Power is very addictive I use it everyday. The more I use it the more energized I feel. It is a fantastic machine. I also find Multiple Energy Therapy might have cured my hayfever too. I did not have any sneeze attacks this season.

My dad also like the Chi Machine. He always practice "Chi Kong" after Chi machine he notice his "Chi" energy flow more smoothly.

Bernie Porter

5 Stars

Marguerite is a passionate, knowledgeable professional who practices with a blend of technical expertise in the field of Chi energy, grace and authenticity. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge has enabled me to rebalance and introduce life changing practices into my life. Marguerite's sessions have, through her hands on energy practice and therapy treatment beds, had a significant impact on my approach to my weight loss campaign. Her expertise in her field through years of dedicated practice extends to not only assisting her clients to preserve and restore physical health but opens an awareness to spiritual and emotional awareness.

Jas Rawlinson -Assistant Editor Provoke Magazine- Sept 2015

5 Stars

Marguerite is not your average therapist - she has so much knowledge as well as passion for what she does, and thanks to her I have seen huge improvements in my health. The SOQI sauna bed is amazing, and always relieves any aches or pains. It has helped me lose weight, heal from injuries, and is super relaxing!

Kelly Cheyne

5 Stars

Marguerite's treatments have helped me very much with my long standing back and muscle issues, cause by a motorbike accident when I was 18. I am now have regular appointments with Marguerite, who makes you feel very welcome and comfortable straight away. I recommend Chi Health Spa to anyone who needs muscular pain relief and relaxation.

Marcia Nikora - Heavy Metal Detox

5 Stars

After using the SOQI far infrared massage bed and the Chi Machine I have felt, happier, lighter, more energy and I am sleeping better, I look and feel Younger!

I also experienced a metalic taste in my mouth from my body detoxing of metals and my colon emptying as well. I would highly recommended using SOQI far infrared sauna (massage bed) for better health, happiness and living!

Tracy - Chronic Pain from Brisbane, May 2016

5 Stars

I have felt great benefits since using SOQI hot bed. My chronic shoulder pain is now under control and I have lost 2 kg without trying.

Sharon Bertoli

5 Stars

I have been seeing Marguerite for quite some time now for various reasons and can highly recommend her to help you. I have used most of her services but by far my favourite and most beneficial is the SOQI far infrared massage bed and the Chi Machine . After my time on this bed I always feel relaxed and a whole lot more invigorated and in a whole lot less pain then when I started. it does wonders for my insides and out. please do yourself a favour and book your appointment with Marguerite now. You wont regret it.

Dr. Kieran Schulz (Osteopath)

5 Stars

After using Far infrared Dome as a tool to help overcome my own back injury and especially after discovering how easty to use, safe, effective, versatile and relaxing it is, I have used it on both chronic and sub acute injuries and have seen noticeable improvements from its application, with hardly any effort. A great device with exceptional results.

Sandra DeMarchi - Weight Reduction

5 Stars

I get up 15 min earlier in the morning and use Sun Ancon Chi machine for 20 min and hothouse for 30 min. I then use Chi machine and hothouse again at night, then E-power before I go to bed.

I have lost about 5kg, and sitting on 75Kg, which I haven't been near that weight for years.

I was 71kg before I had my second baby, and that was 19 years ago. Still trying to keep to organic food, and no dairy, getting used to soy milk

Sam N - Headache Relief

5 Stars

I came in to see Marguerite for my weekly energy boosting treatment & had a headache at the time. Marguerite was kind enough to pay extra attention to try & help relieve it using the E-Power machine .

I was instantly soothed with the coolness & my headache went away within minutes & I have not had a headache since!

I would definitely recommend for any headache sufferers..... not to mention the improvement in my energy & immune system!!

Thanks Margs!!

Sharyn Morwood - Acute Pain RSI

5 Stars

I have used the E Power and Thermal energy twice now and have noticed less acute pain in areas where it made everyday activities hard to do. Now I can do these activities easier and quicker. I have more energy and hungrier. I am naturally a slim person so being hungrier and eating is not an issue

Dr Emma Rogers

5 Stars

Marguerite is a beautiful and kind person with lots of helpful advice. The Soqi Bed is amazing and since using it my digestion has improved and my periods have regulated. I feel amazing after using it and I highly recommended a massage from Marguerite - very relaxing!
January 2016

Serge Gianolla - Diabetes

5 Stars

Soqi sessions , Very helpful, and relaxing experience added benefits: Weight Loss, Neuropathy issues caused by diabetes improved after 8 sessions

Natasha Dempsey - Relaxation

5 Stars

When I first saw Marguerite I wasn't too sure what to expect. I came in seeking relaxation for my body as I play quite a bit of netball and go to the gym a bit. My job in a call centre can sometimes be quite stressful and sometimes things outside of work would keep my mind too occupied to the point that I couldn't sleep. In essence I found it terribly hard to switch off my mind and have had this issue for approximately 2 or so years. After 2 sessions with Marguerite, my mind was completely relaxed. So much so that I even found it hard to think at all. Not only has she helped me by relaxing my mind but I also found that I have so much more energy physically. I'm happy to say that I have found something that works for me and helps me relax both body and mind. I have no problem telling people about my so called 'Chi lady' because she's got the experience to back it up. Thank you so much Marguerite! It's not everyday that you find a health professional who strives for Wellness and cares about your well being

Janelle B - Acne, Fluid Retention, Energy & Relaxation

5 Stars

I feel the Energy facial assist my life in so many ways. Unfortunately my skin is highly effected by my eating habits, lifestyle and hormones. I have suffered acne all through my adult life. When I use the e-power machine my skin inflammation is greatly decreased, along with the redness.
I feel this over my entire body actually not just my face. I seem have less fluid retention and feel so much more healthy. In the past my skin can flair up with acne appearing on my face, back and chest. This often takes over two weeks to clear or improve with conventional methods such as diet changes etc. But after four or five daily sessions I definitely feel my skin inflammation is so much better. Aside from this I practice yoga and have found that the regular e-power sessions, sky rocket my enjoyment of yoga. I feel so grounded. It’s also affecting my piano lessons, to the point where I feel my motivation and concentration levels are greatly enhanced. When I have regular sessions on the e-power machine, my life is effected in so many ways. I cannot help, but feel my whole energy is enhanced – my life force – my chi. Marguerite, like I always have said, you are the chi lady. I really love listening to your advice and knowledge. Thank you.

Andrew Young

5 Stars

Friendly,informative and very professional.
Would highly recommended.

Sandra DeMarchi

5 Stars

My son's girlfriend used the SOQI E-power yesterday, she has quite a few health problems and sees a Naturopath, who was talking to her about Chi energy.

She has a very low immune system and is doing a really hard double degree in bio mechanical engineering, and under a lot of stress. She has had a sinus infection for a long time, and after being on the machine for 1 hr she said she felt like she had so much more energy, and she could breathe easier, she said one side of her nose had unblocked.

Alicia Blumsom - Digestive Issues

5 Stars

I’ve been seeing Marguerite sporadically over the past couple of years for help with digestive issues. I hadn’t seen her in a while and after a year of not looking after my health, travelling and stressful upheaval at work I knew things needed to change. My body was not happy. I was tired, bloated, and flat and had obviously put on weight. Marguerite suggested trying the Chi Machine and E-power. I didn't know what to expect but since using these machines for over a month now I'm feeling much better. The bloating and fluid has gone. I feel more relaxed and at peace with things at work. I cut out sugar in my diet before Christmas and I'm sure this has helped. I haven't had any cravings at all. I really look forward to my one hour of "time out" with Marguerite. I definitely recommend trying Chi Health Spa.


5 Stars

My experience with Far Infrared Hot House (SOQI Far Infrared)

I went to Marguerite to use the Far Infrared Thermal massage bed. I was having problem with osteoarthritis in both knees. She put the SOQI far infrared dome , and I received great relief so I purchase one. I have had great results with clients back, muscular aches and pain, stiffness.

I recommended the SOQI Far Infrared dome, it has so many relaxing and healing property

Rebecca Love

5 Stars

I can't speak highly enough of the work that Marguerite does.
She is truly knowledgeable and so powerful with her healing.
I cannot thank her enough for how she fixes my issues time and time again
Please give yourself the gift of a treatment session at Chi Health Spa

Angela Olfers, from New Farm Brisbane, Oct 2015

5 Stars

Here is some info for you to use:
An hour of Soqi energy therapy at Chi Health Spa means an hour of deep relaxation, and certainly recharges one’s energy. The treatment allows for quiet time in a lovely nurturing atmosphere provided by Marguerite, allowing ‘time-out’ from the busyness of daily life, and one feels recharged and relaxed.

It has helped to regulate my digestion and relief of bloating, and has given me an overall sense of well being. It is a very affordable way to maintain one’s health, great preventative medicine! The lovely face masks are an added bonus and have improved my skin a lot, now glowing and healthy looking as a result.

Lucy Rebetzice - Energy

5 Stars

After I receive a Thermal Energy session I feel energised, sleep well at night, I feel great!

Ahmed Ismail

5 Stars

I have nothing but good things to say about Marguerite. My brother and I came in for a sports massage recently and felt significantly looser and more relaxed. Marguerite was very pleasant to talk to, and had loads of interesting and useful advice to give. After trying massages at the mall for similar prices, I was very glad to have found someone as experienced and passionate about healing the body and mind. The Health Spa was also beautifully decorated. We will both definitely be planning to be back regularly. Marguerite's various techniques (such as Infrared heat and "Chi machine") combined with her experience was well worth the money.

Jenna Thompson

5 Stars

Marguerite is a great therapist. She is professional and has much knowledge of the services she offers as well as a great understanding of the body mind connection. I have tried many of her services and regularly attend her Health Spa, her massages are amazing and I leave feeling energised and relaxed which usually goes on for days afterwards. I drive over 40 minutes just to use her services. Highly recommend.