SOQI Multiple Energy


Introducing SOQI Far Infrared Massage Detox bed and E-Power body energizer together helping you to Detox deeper level, balance vibration energy through improving your Chi (energy)

Feel alive - Energize - Light


Try  90 minutes Soqi detox spa session, you feel very relax, light and energize. 

This is the ultimate detoxification and energy session



What is SOQI and What its mean?

SOQI mean: Life Force Energy from the Sun

So stand for Solar

Qi stand for Chi (energy)

Users of the SOQI far infrared massage bed and E-Power body energizer may benefit or find relief from the following:

Lymphatic Drainage
Increase energy
Improve circulation
Relieve Chronic pain including: cancer
Weight reduction
Skin tightening
Increased Oxygenation
Reduction in Stress
Reduction in Inflammation
Cells Regenerating
Acne and Eczema
Arthritis and Gout
Bronchitis and Chest Colds
Fungal Infections
Headaches / Migraines


Tight Muscles


By using 3 far infrared hothouse sauna dome units, you create a channel of healing far infrared ray energy from your feet to your neck for 30 to 60 minutes per session. The Far Infrared Rays are emitted from the entire 160 degree, silicone crystal chip inner surface of each dome at 8-10 microns,  the most beneficial wavelength for humans and animals.  There are three Far Infrared Hothouse domes for intense relaxation and healing. Far Infrared creates deeper detoxification, tissue regeneration (skin damage and issues) beneficial after chemo or radiation treatment,  improved blood circulation, reduces pain and swelling and inflammation, faster healing, weight reduction, cellulite, pain relief and improve skin tone.

Use the Chi machine at the same time to create passive physical movement for total body oxygenation at cellular level, plus spinal alignment, dissipation of back pains and muscular pains, improved circulation and detoxification via the lymphatic system. The Chi machine oscillates at a very precise 140 times per minute, aligned with the spine, heart rate and blood pressure as designed by Dr. Inoue. Assists with lymphatic drainage and mobilization of fatty tissue to facilitate detox and weight loss.  15 minutes on chi machine equal 10,000 walking steps.


  "We know that… for every 17 micrograms of lead in your body, your IQ is reduced by 10 points. Now, think of that. How many of us would have been much brighter if we didn't grow up in a time where they used lead paint or lead in the automobile fumes? So, we are detoxifying disease-causing elements from the body," Dr. Clement says.


SOQI is not the same as Far Infrared Detox Box

Having Soqi detox session is just as you have been doing Deep Meditation or Qi Gong exercise

Soqi detoxify through increase the Multiple Energy

Improving your sense of wellbeing much more deeper than just having Far Infrared detox.