SOQI Lymphatic Drainage + Energy Therapy



SOQI  Lymphatic Drainage and Energy 

Recovery- Pain Relief - Lymphoedema - Swelling - Inflammation - Relaxation - Weight Reduction 

  Increase Circulation -  Performance - Flexibility & Strength from Inside Out

As we live in toxic environment, for our body to survive we need to have a

good circulation, rapid oxygen and detoxification system

We use the SOQI health device, It is a medical device for Lymphatic Drainage Lymphoedema, Circulation, Increase Oxygen and Improve Immunity plus the E-Power activating Lymphatic Drainage 50% faster than massage. After the session, you will be regenerated, lighter & feel like you can fly.


SOQI relaxes body stress mentally and physically.  When body temperature drop our immunity is weaken, and easily feeling unwell. Pain and illnesses caused by congested blood circulation. 

SOQI helps improves circulation by a method of gentle heat and gentle massage movement from sacrum up to top of the head, unblocking the capillary vessel as a cause of fatique muscles and wastes material.  When a warm gentle heat you will feel relax and in time you will slowly the body start to sweat a little and feel light.  

Nobel Prize Winner and the discoverer of Vitamin C - Albert Szent-Gyorgi's research showed that light can literally alter the body's basic biological functions. When the body absorbs FIR rays it is like being in the sunshine, the body is warmed up, you feel relaxed and full of energy.



Increase blood circulation and oxygen intake
Improves metabolism
Detoxifies body

Promote weight and cellulite reduction

Improve vitality
Relieves aches and pains
Decreases healing time for injuries
Relieves pain from chronic conditions
Reduces muscle hardness
Relaxes the body and mind
Reduces stress and stimulates relaxation response
Can help normalise blood pressure
Can relieve side effects of chemotherapy
Enhances libido
Regulates hormone function
Inhibits growth of free radicals and
Inhibits cell mutation


  • Drink plenty of warm warm water 24 hours prior to your visits, drink slowly
  • Reduce alcohol and diary products



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