SOQI Body Shaping and Cellulite




How SOQI Body Shaping Works?
SOQI helps increase body temperature evenly and effectively stimulate blood circulation, release toxic waste (lymphatic drainage) and body fat, in addition improve metabolism, and detoxify through micro-sweating, shift weight when body increase the chi (energy), fat becomes water soluable and sweat it out, remove toxins through bowel movements and urinate which cause weight gain.

Highly recommended to have regular visits to get optimum results, healthy diet and relaxation time.




SOQI Cellulite Reduction

Natural way to improve your cellulite appearance from inside out. 

Designed to "Fire-up" your body to gently Detox and build collagen


What is Cellulite?

When estrogen starts to decrease, you lose receptors in blood vessels, so you have decreased circulation.  As our body lack of circulation, we get less oxygen and nutrition to the area affected and so our collagen production also become less and less.  The fat cells becoming larger and begin protruding through the collagen and the bumpy fat knows as cellulite. 

How SOQI can help you?

Combination SOQI far infrared therapy and massage focus on the area where you have cellulite helps increase circulation and move blockages, decrease the fat cells, reduce fluid retention.  improve the collagen,  skin feel soft and smooth.

Depends on your health conditions.  Generally for healthy physique, good Chi (internal energy) get faster results

Have regular visits highly recommended plus healthy eating habits

E-Power sessions highly recommended for skin tightening, strengthen the connective tissue, increase collagen for last longer results.



Stomach:  includes massage and wrap, warm up digestive system for better bowel movement,  reduce bloatness and pain to slim down, energize and relaxes the mind

Casual visit: $90  - 90 minutes

10 visits $699 

Stomach and thigh front and back : massage and wrap, remove impurity, increase circulation, break down hard fat cells, warm up digestive system for better bowel movement to move all toxic waste heavy feeling on the thight.

Casual visit: $120 - 90 minutes

10 visits $900

Thigh front and back: 60 minutes

Casual visit $70

10 visits $599

The whole body: 120 minutes ( stomach, legs and arms)

Casual visit: $160

10 visits $1200


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