Life Force Energy from The Sun



SOQI Bed and E-Power session together

SOQI bed and E-Power body energizer together helping you to detox deeper level, balance body vibration & increase life force energy (Chi)

Feel alive - Energize - Light


Try  90 minutes SOQI Multiple Energy session leaves you feel light, energize and calmer.

This is the ultimate detoxification and energy session



Users of the SOQI bed and E-Power body energizer together may benefit or find relief from the following:

Lymphatic Drainage
Increase energy
Improve circulation
Relieve Chronic pain including: cancer
Weight and cellulite reduction
Skin tightening
Detox toxic substance from lead, mercury, aluminium, drugs, alcohol, oil, fluoride etc
Increased Oxygenation
Stress management
Reduce inflammation
Cells Regenerating
Acne and Eczema
Helps relief Arthritis and Gout pain
Bronchitis and Chest Colds
Balance blood sugar: helps diabetes
Fungal Infections
Headaches / Migraines Constipation Tight Muscles
Rheumatism and Arthritis


  "We know that… for every 17 micrograms of lead in your body, your IQ is reduced by 10 points. Now, think of that. How many of us would have been much brighter if we didn't grow up in a time where they used lead paint or lead in the automobile fumes? So, we are detoxifying disease-causing elements from the body," Dr. Clement and says.

Time and Price:

Casual visit: 90 minutes $60

10 visits x 90 min: $499

20 visits x 90 min: $799

50 visits x 90 min: $1450, payment plan available



Body Wrap for Slimming or Cellulite treatment:

$15 per visit

10 wraps: $99


Cellulite Massage helps to boost the circulation, benefits for those are very sluggish
Thigh area: $35 (30 minutes)
Thigh front and back: $45 (45 minutes)
Thigh front, back, stomach, buttock, arms:  $55 (60 minutes)

What To Bring:

  • 4 Bath towels
  • Comfortable clothes

Use our Towels $2



E- Power is a New Negative Potential Body Energizer with High Frequency Energy (More ATP).
Balanced and Revitalize, promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build up immunity. It is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive, detoxify and of course assist in fat-loss and waste elimination.


WARNING! Do not Use:
If you have a Pacemaker
If you are Menstruating
If you are Pregnant
If you have High Fever
Drink alcohol within 1 hour of using E-Power
If you have a history of heart and kidney problems
If you have Tumors
If you have implants of gel or silicons and transplant organs

Drink lots of water a day or 2 before E-Power session


Time and Price:

Casual visit:

30 minutes: $22.50

60 minutes: $45


Collagen Face mask for Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening: $15 ( 3 masks $25)

Collagen Neck mask for Skin Tightening: $15 (3 masks $25)

Detox Therapy

Regular 30 minutes on the SOQI bed help you to detoxify .

Relaxing - Detoxify - Energize


Benefits using SOQI bed regularly:
Relaxes the body and mind
Improve metabolism and immunity
Improve the oxygen
Improve your Chi (energy)
Break down the mucus, aids in clearing congestion
Improve bowel movement which cause weight gain
SOQI can assist in weight loss and cellulite reduction
Detoxify toxins includes: heavy metals, aluminium, which cause slowing down the metabolism and immunity

Casual visit:
30 minute: $35

Packages for 30 minutes
10 visits x 30 minute: $299
20 visits x 30 minute: $499
50 visits x 30 minute: $950

What To Bring:  4 Bath towels

Use Our Towels:  $2 each







Preparation before your SOQI session:
Drink plenty of warm water 24 hours prior to your visit
Rest as much
Reduce dairy products, bread and other carbohydrate
Increase your green, preferably have them warm (stir fry or steam)