Remedial Massage



by Marguerite 

Marguerite begin her career as Sports Massage therapist 25 years ago as well as Colon Hydrotherapist

Her speciality Pain Relief, Headache and Cellulite massage

Therapeutic/remedial massage is the ultimate massage to your wellbeing and pain relief. Therapeutic massage is benefits for all type of body discomfort from sports injuries, chronic pain, emotional discomfort and general well-being. Very soothing, and generally your body will feel much relax and your mind much more alert. 

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:
Reduce pain due to sports injuries or preparation for sports events to reduce injuries
Relief muscle tension and spasm promote relaxations
Promote faster recovery from surgery, injury and illness

Improve circulation of the blood and lymph system, enhances immune system function.
Increases flexibility and join movement
Improve sports and activity performance
Clear your mind, increase creativity.
Back, neck pain
Digestive system problem
Reduce stress level, lower blood pressure, anger management

Promote weight weight and cellulite reduction
Renewed sense of well-being.


Local pain relief work:  60 minute

Whole body:                 120 minute

Healing session:           2 to 3 hour

Time and fee:

60 min:  $80

90 min: $120

120 min: $160

Healing session 3 hour: $240 (allow yourself to have time off on the day of healing session)


ADD-ON SOQI BED for deeper relaxation, reduce the spasm, inflammation and increase the energy flow

  • Soqi bed 30 min: $20
  • Soqi bed 45 min: $30
  • Soqi bed and E-Power 60 min: $40




Cellulite is normally cause by hormonal, lack of circulation and broken connective tissue.  It is important to keep the blood flow moving, not just helping to reduce the cellulite it also helps to detoxify to improve your skin condition and better health

The Cellulite massage designed for those who like to reduce cellulite appearance by manual hand massage.

The benefits for cellulite massage is to help encourage the increased the blood flow, eliminate waste deposits and break down the fat deposits. Focus on the thigh, knee, arms and stomach, the massage takes about 30 minutes follow by 30 minute Soqi bed for further deeper detoxification, melting the fat deposits and finish of with 30 minute E-Power session which help to improve and strengthen the connective tissue.

Highly Recommended regular Soqi bed and E-Power session to keep improving circulation system and stronger connective tissue.

Time and fee:

Cellulite massage, Body wrap, Soqi bed and E Power 90 minute: $125

Package of 10 visits x 90 minute: $1100

Follow up:

Soqi bed, Body wrap and E-Power 60 minute: $75

Package of 10 visits x 60 minute: $599

30 visits x 60 minutes: $1350









Heat massage utilizes moxibustion and partial infrared ray which penetrates into body tissues and increase energy. FuYang massage promote circulation faster, expel toxin, eliminate stagnation, prevent diseases and promote longevity.

Improve Symptoms  Length Sessions Required $Individual Price $ Package Price
Headache 30 min 10 - 15 sessions $50 $400 (5 visits)
$525 (10 visits)
Waist and back pain 45 min 6 - 10 sessions $65 $310 (6 visits)
$455 (10 visits)
Shoulder and neck pain 45 min 6 sessions $65 $310 (6 visits)
Menstrual cramps 45 min 5 sessions $65 $260 (5 visits)
$680 (15 visits)
Flue and cold 20 min 3 sessions $40 $96 (3 visits)
Insomnia 30 min 6 sessions $50 $240 (6 visits)
Constipation 30 min 6 sessions $50 $240 (6 visits)
RSI 30 min 6 sessions $50 $240 (6 visits)
Frozen shoulder 30 min 10 sessions $50 $450 (10 visits)
Sore feet 30 min 6 sessions $50 $240 (6 visits)
Sore hand 20 min 6 sessions $40 $96 (3 visits)



Not suitable for:

serious heart disease, liver and kidney problem, if you have pacemaker, pregnant, infection, skin disease leukemia, oedema, bone fracture, cancer 



Self Service Massage

Acupressure Heat Massage Bed

Theramax provides deep tissue massage by using your own body weight.  The jade balls with far infrared rolling up and down from head to the lower back plus acupressure on back pressure points.  The Far infrared heat helps to soften up hard muscle tissues and straighten your posture.

Casual visits

  • $15 - 30 mins
  • $30 - 60 mins


  • $150 - 10 visits of 30 mins

    $200 - 10 visits of 60 mins


Massage Prices Price

30 minute massage 


60 minute massage 

4 x 1 hour massage voucher



90 minute massage 


Thermal Acupressure Massage bed

$15 - 30 mins
$30 - 60 mins

$150 - 10 visits of 30 mins
$200 - 10 visits of 60 mins