Multiple Energy Session

Includes: SOQI Far Infrared Detox bed and E-Power Electrotherapy

If you feel lethargic, bloated, heavy, emotional uneasy, the Multiple Energy session is one you need, stimulate self healing and improve circulation, helping body's detoxification system, unblock the blockages, moves and clean the toxic build up, clean out the lymphatic system and relaxes the mind, balance the emotion.

90 minutes: $60     -    10 visits: $499



Cellulite Reduction Booster 

This 120 minute session is designed to "Fire-up" your body to gently Detox and skin tightening, allow your body to burn fat, reduce and Improve your cellulite appearance from inside out. Session includes cellulite massage to boost the circulation and body wrap. Generally see the difference in just one session.  Follow up is important for more improvement, keep the skin soft and smooth.
120 minutes: $125     -    10 visits: $1050 (* Payment plan available)


Effective Weight Management

If you looking to have more energy and reduce the bloatness which cause the buldging look, SOQI slimming session if very effective as SOQI energy heat bed increase body temperature evenly and effectively stimulate blood circulation, release toxic waste (lymphatic drainage) and melting body fat, in addition improve metabolism, and detoxify through micro-sweating, shift weight when body increase the chi (energy), fat becomes water soluable and sweat it out, remove toxins through bowel movements and urinate which cause weight gain.

Slimming session includes massage using organic essential oils and body wrap in the area need to be improve.

90 minutes:  $125    -   10 visits: $1050 (*payment plan available)


Soqi far Infrared Sauna with Body Wrap

This session beneficial to reduce stomach tension and digestive system problem, as well as body shape

Treatment includes: stomach massage with warm herbal oil and follow by the wrap 

Time: 45 min

Casual visits: $50

10 visits pack: $450