Massage Therapy



Therapetic Massage Therapy 

We help you to feel light and less pain

30 min $45
60 min $75
90 min $110


Massage is a touch therapy which beneficial for your wellbeing and pain relief, benefits for all type of body discomfort from sports injuries, chronic pain, emotional discomfort and general well-being, unblock the blockages.  Soothing, and generally your body will feel much relax, pain ease up and your mind much more alert. 

Benefits of Massage:
Reduce pain due to sports injuries or preparation for sports events to prevent sports injuries
Relief muscle tension and spasm promote relaxations
Promote faster recovery from surgery, injury and illness

Improve circulation of the blood and lymph system, enhances immune system function.
Increases flexibility and join movement
Improve sports and activity performance
Clear your mind, increase creativity.
Back, neck pain
Digestive system problem
Reduce stress level, lower blood pressure, anger management


Heat Massage - Gentle - Very relaxing

Reduce inflammation

Heat massage utilizes moxibustion and partial infrared ray which penetrates into body tissues and increase energy. FuYang massage promote circulation faster, expel toxin, eliminate stagnation, prevent diseases and promote longevity.

Improve Symptoms  Length Sessions Require $Individual Price $ Package Price
Headache      60 min 10 - 15 sessions  $60 $280 (5 visits)
$580 (10 visits)
Waist and back pain      45 min 6 - 10 sessions  $45 $250 (6 visits)
$430 (10 visits)
Shoulder and neck pain      45 min 6 sessions  $45 $250  (6 visits)
Menstrual cramps      45 min 5 sessions  $45 $205 (5 visits)
Insomnia     60 min 6 sessions  $60 $420 (6 visits)
Constipation     30 min 6 sessions  $30 $24 (6 visits)
RSI     30 min 6 sessions  $30 $160 (6 visits)
Frozen shoulder     30 min 10 sessions  $30 $280 (10 visits)
Sore feet     60 min 6 sessions  $60 $340 (6 visits)
Sore hand     30 min 6 sessions  $30 $70 (3 visits)






Not suitable for:

serious heart disease, liver and kidney problem


And if you have:

pacemaker, pregnant, infection, skin disease leukemia, oedema, bone fracture, cancer 

  Check with you GP if you have doubt
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