Holistic Thermage Energy Face Neck and Neck Lift




Holistic Face and Neck Lift with Added Health Benefits

Works by balancing the whole body frequency for last longer results

Restore Collagen Create Skin Tightening Naturally.


Suitable for all skin types including Sensitive Skin

Energy Skin Tightening and Collagen session for those who are looking to renew and face and neck lift without toxic injection or plastic surgery. 

Thermage Holistic Energy Skin Tightening using E-Power high frequency massages whole body cells 70,000 times per second help the skin recover its elasticity to reduce the appearance of loose skin and fine lines, 

The process provides a natural face life. renew the skin cells, collagen production by heating collagen in the lower layers of skin causing tightening of collagen and rejuvenation of collagen plus balance your hormone, combined with non toxic  collagen + antioxidant botanical skin care for further strengthen the connective tissue and reduce fine lines. 

The session is very relaxing and soothing, no pain or feel the heat.

Sessions will be includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, toner, facial massage to lift the skin, follow by collagen mask and application of pure natural botanical extract serum to balance and hydrate and moisturise.  You will notice changes in your skin texture soften, brighter and a reduction in puffiness.

In time as the your energy increases your skin stay firm for many years to come, maintenance is necessary by charging your chi with the E-Power.

How many times do I need to get a resuls:?

  • For healthy physiques approx 8 to 10 weekly visits, follow by charging your internal energy
  • For weak physiques approx 1 to 3 months weekly visits, follow by charging your internal energy

This is not a quick fix Face and Neck Lift, however by having frequent visit helps balancing your internal state of health to renew the cells and collagen to create long lasting results

60 minutes $120

10 visits pack: $700

Do it your own workshop available to save time and more economical

Please ask Marguerite if you are interested in this programe

The added health benefits from using E-Power are:

  • Increase energy
  • May help sleep better
  • Balance hormone
  • Boosts detoxification and reduce puffiness
  • Reduce age spots and freckles
  • Activate fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastine to tighten and lift the skin
  • May reduce hot flashes
  • Improve digestive system
  • Balance emotion
  • Balance blood sugar (good for diabetic)
  • and many more 

Drink warm water frequently before your session




  • Menstruation
  • Pace Maker
  • Gel or Silicon implant 
  • Transplant organ
  • Pregnant
  • High Fever
  • Tumor
  • If have been drinking alcohol within 1 hour 
  • If you have history of heart problem



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