From Cellular Level - Long lasting results


What is Aging?

Aging is when our body start reduce the capacity of energy to transports the blood, nutrients and fluids in our body, which cause illnesses, gray hair, wrinkles, weight later in life.  Ageing impact our body when the internal energy slowing down.


As you aware when we age, our collagen production is reduce, all these cause by toxic environment, stress, not enough sleep and strenuous exercise, over work etc. 

Why do we need collagen to slow down the aging process?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the human body, and one that fills a very important role when it comes to your health and appearance.  Collagen is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles.

One of most people come to Chi Health spa is for re activating the natural collagen production from your own body with E-Power Negative Potential Energy & Frequency.

E-Power provide Negative Potential Energy with High Frequency Energy. The electrical wave of high frequency massages cells 70,000 times per second charging your body internal energy bringing the whole body skin recover its elasticity.  The Negative Potential helps balance the blood Ph and accelerates the process of detoxification, making the skin look and feel healthy. The supply of anion reduces negative effects of the skin.  It improves skin metabolism and the ability to reserve oxygen.
Safe - Non Toxic. 




Restore Collagen Create Skin Tightening Naturally


How's E-Power Skin Tightening works?

The process provides a natural skin lift, renew the skin cells, collagen production by heating collagen in the lower layers of skin causing tightening of collagen and rejuvenation production. As a result skin feel and look tight includes your face, neck and whole body.  E-Power skin tightening energy facial relaxing, doesn't burn or feel the heat on your skin.

Relaxing , soothing, no pain 


Non Toxic - Long Lasting + Calm the Emotion

An Energy Anti-Aging Facial: protect, balance the hormone, reduce puffiness from cellular level using unique E-Power body energizer health & beauty device to strengthen of the connective tissue which keep your whole body skin stay firm.  Upon the completion of this treatment you will experience an overall enrichment sense of well being, skin will noticeable feel softer, supple and glowing. Read more

Facial & Neck treatment includes: Double cleanse and deep exfoliation process while charging your energy with E-Power + non toxic botanical antioxidant serum mask from Japan to refresh, detoxify, reduce puffiness, follow by massage, leaves your skin soft, glow and youthful.

The Energy Anti-Ageing treatment works by improving the cellular health for long lasting result as your Chi energy improving. E-Power activates cells and breaks through traditional medicine to improve functions of the main 8 body systems, which are:

  • Circulatory system
  • Nervous system
  • Digestive system
  • Bowel movements
  • Immune system
  • Skeletal system
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve skin







60 min $150

10 visits package $1100

Payment plan and Zip pay available


Home Spa At Home package:
E-Power unit  + FREE 
Serum Anti-Oxidant mask $1238


How many visits do I need to see the result for skin tightening?

Since the E-Power helping you to regenerate cells from cellular level, frequent use helps to regenerate the cells much faster.

For Healthy physique: no medication, no illnesses, no chronic pain can see the difference between 15 - 30 days on daily use. follow up twice to three times a week long lasting results. 

For Weak physique:  if you are on medication, have health challenges, feeling cold, lack of circulation will takes longer.  If you are in this category you need to be patience, you may need to charge the energy for recovery first,  the skin cell then will start regenerate. The process leads to long lasting anti-aging outcome.





Advanced Thermal Energy (Far Infrared) Therapy for Anti-Aging

You can add the Soqi bed as additional treatment for enhance your skin and reduce the aging process.

As we discuss stress is the cause of all illnesses and aging.  Stress can originate form pressure, depression, tension or over stimulation.  Any stimulation to an organism will disrupt its internal balance.

When the far infrared ray enter the body, they are changed in form to become thermal energy, as a result sensory nerves detect a warm sensation and better blood circulation. Reduce stress level,  eliminated Metabolic waste like carbon dioxide, heavy metals via sweat glands, improve the reproductive function, strengthen the body's ability to grow. create internal balance. 

Frequent repeated use, helps continue to improve your energy, health and beauty whether for pain relief, loosing weight, relaxation.  SOQI Thermal Energy helps create a long lasting effect.

Most people receive the benefits of feeling lighter, calmer, healthier, more energy and relax

Clinical trials have found results with patients who suffer from physical pain or immobility as well as many stress related illnesses, skin conditions, weight problem and some neurological illnesses.

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