E-Power Energy Anti-Ageing Facial

Anti-Ageing and Skin Tightening

Costmetic with added Therapeutic benefits

Non Toxic – Non Invasive – No Pain - No Surgery

Relaxing – Energizing – Calming – Increases Vibration Energy


What is E-Power:

E-Power is designed to provide Negative Potential, utilising High-Frequency Electricity and using your body like a capacitator

  • Negative Potential Energy  =  Energy for Rest
  • High Frequency Energy  = Increased ATP  (Produces ENERGY)

E-Power generates 70KHz of high-frequency electrical waves, creating internal energy that will balance and revitalise you.  

Treatments designed and Benefits:

  • Improve skin
  • Reduce fines lines, wrinkles around eyes, chick, neck and declatage
  • Increases ATP (produces energy)
  • Might aid sleep
  • Balance hormone
  • Boosts detoxification and reduce puffiness
  • Activate fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastine to tighten and lift the skin
  • Restore the skin cells from cellular level, natural cellular collagen production
  • Reduce age spots and freckles
  • Natural alternative to toxic cosmestic injectable


Since there are 39-40 millivoltages in a cell membrane in your body, and approximately six trillion cells in the whole body, the total electrical potential is a very considerable number.  

The electrical potential in the human body decreases with age, and the reduction of the electric potential can cause illness and loss of collagen. 

The electrical wave of high frequency massages cells 70,000 times per cells per second to help the skin recover its elasticity in order to reduce the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.  The process provides a natural face lift.

The Negative Potential helps balance the blood PH and accelerates the process of detoxification, while  improving skin metabolism and the ability to reserve oxygen.  It also unblocks channels of energy in the body and accelerates the process of fat burning, strengthens the skin and firms the figure, making the skin look and feel healthy

Even after your first session, you will notice changes in your skin texture and a reduction in puffiness.


Time of results varies from person to person. For healthy physique approx within 7 to 10 days to 1 month.  For others may takes longer, but E-Power improve the vibration energy to strengthen the skin cells and other added health benefits.



Areas of Improvement by Use of E-Power


Replenish rejuvenating; improves skin tone and elasticity while restoring your skin’s moisture levels. Skin feel firmer, tighter, softer and glowing.  Sessions includes Cleanse, exfoliate, E-Power face and neck massage, mask and moisturiser.

Advance pack for Healthy Physique.

1 hour: $75,  New Clients offer: Buy a voucher here

10 visits: $600

Other option: purchase the E-Power machine $1199 for your convenience. Easy to use while you watch TV or sleeping.  We give you Free lesson.  Available at Chi Health Shop.


Starter pack for Weak Physique:  if you have health challenges or feel tired most of the time.  E-Power will help improve build up the strength and circulation.

30 minutes: $50

10 visits: $400

Treatment preparation:

  • Drink water frequently when thirsty,  preferably warm water



Please do not book if you have following:

  • Pace maker
  • Gel or Silicon implant
  • Pregnant
  • Menstruating
  • History of heart problem
  • Serious kidney problem
  • Drink alcohol within 1 hour of the treatment
  • High Fever or Tumor
  • Transplant organs




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