E- Power Body Energizer - Negative Potential




For Health and Beauty by increase the VIBRATION ENERGY

Reduce Pain - Renew Cells - Balance Hormone - Skin Tightening - Calm the Emotion 

Toxic Electricity (EMF) are invading our health causing us feel tired, depressed and leads to serious illnesses

E-Power balance body electricity energy..


Feel energize and calm 

E- Power is a New Negative Potential Body Energizer with High Frequency Energy (More ATP). The technology for negative Potential Energy and High Frequency Energy combines the theories of modern medical science, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the biology of micro-molecules. Balanced and Revitalize, promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build up immunity. It is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive, detoxify and of course assist in fat-loss and waste elimination.

Electrotherapy aids in the reconnection of broken or damaged electrical circuits within the body by stimulating correct wave form, current, and frequency. When there is pain in the body there is electrical resistance, meaning the electrical signals between cells are disconnected, broken, suppressed or blocked. There are about sixty trillion cells in your body, and each cell is 30-40 micro voltages, therefore the total 'electric potential' is huge.

Each cell either has a positive or negative potential, a Positive Potential cell may be harmful as nutrients, oxygen and H2O cannot penetrate the cell; waste and carbon dioxide remain trapped within the cell and the cell receives excessive sodium and hydrogen. Negative potential cells counteract those harmful effects and creative healthy, active and able cells. E-Power activates the ATP (adenosine triphosphates) enzyme and aids the composition of the ATP. ATP is energy essential to the body in order for it to survive. People suffering chronic illness or who are ageing have much lower amounts of ATP being generated within their cells.

All you do is sit or or lying down relax,  velcro-wrap a belt around your waist after plugging it into the E-Power machine. The E-Power generates vibration frequency to every cell in your body.



Improves blood circulation

Relaxes wholebody, calm the emotion

Balance adrenal

Increase nutrient absorbtion

Balances hormone

Oxygen intake improves by 30%


Slow down pulse

Tends to normalised blood pressure

Lowers blood sugar

Rids lactic acids

Increases Energy

Decrease fat cells

Stimulated collagen - skin cells

Improve digestion

Increase MACROPHAGES, Cells, T-Cells (Immune function)
Helps to relieve muscular pain
Increases rate of healing in injuries or ailments
Releases tension
Removes neural blockages
Increases production of ATP (energy)
Balances pH 

Increase vibration

Skin Tightening, improve collagen


If you have a Pacemaker
If you are Menstruating
If you are Pregnant
If you have High Fever

If you have serious kidney and heart disease

If you have a history of heart and kidney problems
If you have Tumors
If you have implants of gel or silicons and transplant organs

Drink alcohol 1 hour before a session


Drink plenty of warm water frequently before E-Power session

Trial visits: 60 minutes: $50

Add-On: Collagen Face Lift Mask $29

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