Couple massage


Rekindle... restore.... reconnect

Touch is most essential component to a relationship, bring back connection, rekindle and restore.
Learn to share massage with your partner safely and effectively, without getting tired and sore hands.

The 2.5 hour workshop introduce you to some of the basic techniques of (Swedish) relaxation massage for home use. It includes the definition, history and physiological effect of massage on the systems and organs of the body. It also includes contraindications, hygiene, basic diet and nutritional understanding and how to mix essential oils.

Over the length of this 2.5 hour workshop you'll discover the technique that will assist your partner to relax and enjoy the soothing healing effects of your hands. This workshop may assist to relieve the symptoms associated with stress, such as headaches, back pain, built-up tension, fatique, as well as traditional relaxation therapy.

Your instructor Marguerite Tarman, Intutive Massage Therapist with over 24 years experience, She believe Self -Care and Love is the key to healthy living and stay in harmony.


Investment: $250 (2.5 hour) per couple

Next Massage Workshop:

8 August, 1.30 pm to 4pm

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