Cellulite Reduction and Slimming


SOQI Celluite - slimming Therapy: designed to "Fire-up" your body to gently Detox and improve the collagen, as well as allow your body to burn fat.

What is Cellulite?
When estrogen starts to decrease, you lose receptors in blood vessels, so you have decreased circulation. As our body lack of circulation, we get less oxygen and nutrition to the area affected and so our collagen production also become less and less. The fat cells becoming larger and begin protruding through the collagen and the bumpy fat knows as cellulite.
60 minutes session includes body wrap, massage targeting problem area and SOQI far infrared therapy improve circulation and detoxification from inside out by relaxing the mind, increase chi energy.

How many times do I need to come?
Depends on your health conditions. Generally for healthy physique, good chi get faster results.  For effective maximum results regular visit is recommended, in addition to good in the eating habits
E-Power energy therapy highly beneficial for an additional treatment to strengthen the connective tissue and balance the hormone plus brake down the hard fat cells.


includes massage and wrap using herbal oil to warm up digestive system to remove impurity, increase circulation, break down hard fat cells,,  reduce bloatness and pain to slim down, energize and relaxes the mind

Stomach:  Casual visit: $80 - 60 minutes

Payment plan available: 10 visits $800 or $699 outright

Stomach and thigh front and back:  Casual visit: $120 - 90 minutes

Payment plan available:  10 visits $1200 or $999 outright

Thigh front and back: 60 minutes

Casual visit $80

Payment plan available:  10 visits $800 or $699 outright

The whole body: 120 minutes ( stomach, legs and arms)

Casual visit: $160

Payment plan available: 10 visits $1600 or $1400 outright


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