Body Shaping and Cellulite



Improve your Body from Cellular Level for Long Lasting results

Designed to "Fire-up" your body to gently Detox and build Natural Collagen

Are you having trouble to reduce weight and the feeling heavy in your body and digestive pain or bloatness?  Here at Chi Health body shaping and cellulite treatment focus on improving your digestive system, massage to move toxic waste, follow by warming up the whole body into SOQI Energy Bed for further detoxification and relax the tension.

Being overweight can cause and is associated with many serious diseases, access weight is the deposition of excessive fat in the stomach areas, around the kidneys, mediastinum, endocardium, pancreas, around and between the skeletal and heart muscles and liver, all this can lead to fatique, respiratory difficulty and pain in the back (lower area), knees and feet.  Being overweight and bloated may also lower the immunity.  

There is also some evidence that mental disorders can be caused over weight and stomach problem.  One may control weight by moderate exercise, diet, physical therapy, psychiatric therapy.  To add to the effect of these methods, we offer Advance SOQI slimming session: the use of SOQI Far Infrared Massage bed and abdomen massage helps the body get rid of surplus fat via an increase in metabolic activity and some loss through the sebaceous glands.  Takes 60 minutes 

To vaporize one ml of sweat, the skin has to burn 0.58 kilocalorie of energy, by the same token using the SOQI Far Infrared massage bed repeatedly for short duration is an effective of weight control.

SOQI FIR removes water (fluids) from the blood through the following three processes:

  1. Sweating which results in the evaporation of water
  2. Warming the tissues in muscles so that the tissue osmotic pressure can be increased to such water out the blood
  3. Removal of salt from the body with sweat.

SOQI helps to loose weight by increasing metabolism and lowering cholestrol.

Most people with healthy physique loses 5 to 10 cm on the 1st visit, and your digestive system feel lighter,  takes longer if you are on medication. For those who are looking to reduce weight have 2 to 3 sessions per week.


 How SOQI Energy Body Shaping Works?

SOQI Thermal heat works from cellular level to reduce blockages release toxic waste (lymphatic drainage) and body fat, in addition improve metabolism, and detoxify through micro-sweating, shift weight when body increase the chi (energy), fat becomes water soluable and sweat it out, remove toxins through bowel movements and urinate which cause weight gain.

What is Cellulite?

When estrogen starts to decrease, you lose receptors in blood vessels, so you have decreased circulation.  As our body lack of circulation, we get less oxygen and nutrition to the area affected and so our collagen production also become less and less.  The fat cells becoming larger and begin protruding through the collagen and the bumpy fat knows as cellulite. 



Stomach:  includes massage and wrap, warm up digestive system for better bowel movement,  reduce bloatness and pain to slim down, energize,

Casual visit: $199  - 60 minutes

10 visits $999

Payment plan & Zip pay available


Stomach and thigh front and back : massage and wrap, remove impurity, increase circulation, break down hard fat cells, warm up digestive system for better bowel movement to move all toxic waste heavy feeling on the tight.  Treatment includes E-Power whole body skin tightening and follow by SOQI Bed

Stomach, Thigh front and back: $299 - 120 minutes

10 visits $1500

Highly recommended to have regular visits to get optimum results, healthy diet and relaxation time.





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