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E-Power Energy Wand



Energy Wand $236 + Shipping

$199 with E-Power order (Free Shipping)

What is Energy Wand?

The New Energy Wand is designed to be used at the same time with the E-Power to unblock the “Chi” blockage in these pathways through the Negative Potential Energy provided by the E-Power.

Energy Wand for E-Power very useful for massage and face lift, add energy through meridian


How to use E-Power Waive Guided Comb

Energy Wand beneficial for Face Lift and Pain Relief

Why the E-Power + The Energy Wand?

If we use New Energy Wand while we are on the E-Power, The Energy Wand will act as a conductor of the Negative Potential Energy. By evenly gliding The Energy Wand on the skin and along the meridians, it will unblock the energy blockage in these pathways and stimulate the blood flow.

Although this product is safe to use and no adverse effects have been reported, we strongly suggest that you consult with your healthcare provider before using the E-Power and The Energy Wand.  The Cable of the Energy Wand is designed to make contact with the ground and not on any metal surface. (Before use, please read the warning and instructions printed on

Precautions DO NOT use this product under the following conditions:

•Your healthcare provider thinks this product is not suitable for you.

•If you suffer from a disease that has not been clearly diagnosed.

•People under medical treatment and haven’t fully recovered.

•People who recently underwent a surgery

•People who have an open wound that hasn’t healed or an unusual skin condition.

•Infants or very young children, people incapable of moving or unconscious.

•Pregnant women and women in menstrual period.

•Have any electric or battery operated device installed (ex. peacemakers).

•If this product causes discomfort or fever.


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