Heat Massage Bed at Chi Health Spa and Chi Machine Australia

Heat Massage Bed



Ex Demo special for $2900, new $4500

Thermo massager is spectacularly designed to eliminate body aches, pains and postural problems with using of acupressure and far infrared techniques. It provides an exceptional massage and stretch for the spine with its ergonomically curved design that is identical to the human spinal structure.

The infrared rays have amazing powerful penetration and can be well absorbed by our body. Eventually, heat is delivered deeply into the body healing hard muscle and tendons seven times faster than the body can on it's own.

Thermal Acupressure

Thermal Acupressure concentrates on the vital acupressure points on and around the spinal column to provide an intense 40-minute therapy that is effective in providing relief plus 20 min effluarage and stretch.

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