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Model SDM-888

Sun Ancon Chi Machine holds US FDA approval as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager #890.5660,

Proprietary name Chi Machine and is registered as Medical Device in Canada 66598

Australia L81810 

Japan 02B0694



The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine® is the perfect health and wellness accessory for your home and workplace.


 A Health product that blends the Eastern ancient arts of Qi energy with modern technology for an amazing experience




If you have a health ailment or issues, then a short session on the Chi Machine® is just want the doctor ordered. 

Below is a list of the most common health issues that can be treated:

  • Lack of exercise and bad circulation
  • Tired and sore muscles
  • Poor Digestion, constipation
  • Arthritis, back pain, bone spurs
  • Nervous, general pain & Insomnia
  • Poor functioning of internal organs
  • Asthma and tracheal inflammation
  • Menstrual pain, anemia
  • Many chronic conditions
  • Lymphoedema
  • Swelling
  • Circulation problem
  • Being overweight


The Sun Ancon Oxygenating Massager is for you

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Integrating Traditional Medicine and Modern Science

This unique health generating product is based on German exercise physiology. To research and develop this unique product to find the right height, swing frequency, swing travel, swing angle, and circular movement, many years of development were needed. 

The Chi Machine® is a simple technological item that incorporates precise oscillatory actions needed to bring your body back to its ultimate health. You may find that you won't gain the same benefits from imitation devices, so make sure that you purchase the patented ‘Sun Ancon’ Chi Machine® massager.

Why Should You Give The Chi Machine® a Try?

As your whole body relaxes and you enjoy the rhythmic side-to-side movement of the spine and other joints of your body, some amazing things start to happen. Not sure if the Chi Machine is for you? Well not only can a short session on this machine improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of people of all ages, but it is also extremely valuable to those who through age or physical limitations can't exercise. 

The Chi Massager will also help eliminate body toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenation. The essential benefits of completing a sporting or fitness program can also be provided, all without putting stress on the body. By eliminating stresses on your vertebral joints, heart, and lungs, the Chi Machine® can give your body a workout without straining or stressing your body. This means that people of all ages can benefit from using this machine! 

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Common Health Conditions That Can Be Treated With a Chi Machine® Session

There are several health conditions and ailments that can be treated with a Chi Machine® session, with the most common issues revolving around poor spinal health. Below is a list of the most common spinal and nervous system issues that can be treated:

  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Upset bowels
  • Insomnia
  • Lymphoedema
  • Sore back
  • Difficulty standing for long periods
  • Numb arms
  • Stroke
  • Dizziness
  • Tight shoulders
  • Poor attention

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How Many Massage Sessions Will I Need To Gain The Benefits

For The Over 55's:
If over 55 years of age, limit sessions to 2 to 5 minute periods daily. If no discomfort is experienced, sessions can be extended from 5 to 10 minutes the second week and to the normal session time of 15 minutes in the third week.

For The Under 55's:
Those under 55 years of age should initially do 5-minute sessions twice a day but can increase to 15 minutes at their discretion if no discomfort is experienced

There is no limit to the number of daily sessions, apart from that mentioned above, or to using the full range of the ‘timer’ setting, but it is recommended that a reasonable break be given between sessions. Want to know more? Then just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today.


Below some of the imitation





  • The Original Chi Machine is known as Sun Ancon
  • The Original Chi Machine has only One Set Speed
  • The Original Chi Machine distributed globally only by HTE, based in Taiwan
  • The Sun Ancon Chi Machine has the green square company logo on both the machine and timer.



What are the benefits of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine?

6 major benefits are using the Sun Ancon Chi Machine

  1. Cellular activation:  The massage opens up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs, so oxygen exchange from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.

  2. Spinal balancing: The massage will influence a correction to a certain condition of misalignment of the spine. Such correction can alleviate complications arising in vertebrae joints from certain spinal misalignment.

  3. Improving the immune system:  The Sun Ancon stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorder and disease.

  4. Blood production:  The Sun Ancon Chi Machine stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous system which increases blood production. Any form of anemia can be benefited by this massage action.

  5. Balance of the autonomic nervous system:  If the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System fails to ensure a balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may surface.  The influence of the massager on the Sympathetic Nervous System can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in the restoration of health from such conditions.

  6. Exercising internal organs:  Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus healing and good health on a life force energy that flows in channels through all living forms.  Acupuncture and associate therapies are being increasingly used by eastern practitioners to ‘invigorate’ the life-force energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs.  The Chinese refer to this energy as ‘Chi’ The Sun Ancon massager will aid in unblocking the ‘Chi’ pathways and ensure a maximum flow of healing source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.

Chi Machine Precautions

Although the Chi Machine is an effective and safe method of massage therapy, its use is NOT advised in the following situations without prior medical advice: during pregnancy, within three months of having had major surgery or bone fracture, if suffering from a serious infection, any bleeding injury, or if suffering from epilepsy. Additionally, Therapeutic Massager should not be used within 30 minutes after eating a meal. If severe pain occurs, it should be thoroughly investigated.


2 yr warranty  
Voltage: 240v / 50Hz
Power consumption: 34W
Weight: Approx 9 kg
Measurement: Approx 33.7 cm x 30.2 cm x 21.2 cm
Operation Frequency: 140 oscillations per minute.
Operation width: Approx 37/mm
Research and Development by Dr.Shizuo Inoue.
Colors: White and Grey


We ships all the machine with TNT 



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