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Chi Machine Therapy




with Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Oxygenation through movement


Especially benefits for Lymphoedema, swelling, headache, backpain and relaxation


Oxygenation is essential to our body, oxygen helps renew our blood cells, improve metabolism and immunity.

Chi Machine is simple and gentle, relaxes the mind, massage the organs and detoxify.


How's the Sun Ancon Chi Machine works

It moves the ankles in a figure ‘8’ motion that allows the spine to gently return to its natural curve and relaxes the muscles around the spinal column. The movement allows the hips to come back into alignment in a gentle motion and can help return the equal length of the legs when out. As well as the muscular and spinal effects of this motion it also unblocks.

15 Minutes on the Chi Machine is equivalent to walking 10,000 steps, aerobic exercise oxygenates the tissues and moves the lymph around. Due to its low impact operation, the Chi Machine is extremely valuable to older people or those with physical limitations who can't exercise or find it difficult. These people in particular benefit tremendously from the gentle massaging effect and its assistance in the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body.

This unique movement is patented for the Chi Machine and has had been studied at great length to get the exact motion and speed correct, to provide the most benefit with no stress on the spine or joints. Chi  (life-force energy) and allows it to flow naturally through the body and increases oxygen absorption by the cells. Oxygen deficiency in the body is a proven foundation of multiple illnesses and diseases. The Chi Machine aids in maintaining physical wellness and thus the prevention of illness and physical disorders by maximizing supplemental oxygenation of your entire body at cellular level via physical stimulation 


  • Athletes:  helps your endurance
  • Those who has health challenges
  • Busy people, not enough time to exercise
  • All ages from 4 to 150 years 
  • Those who has lymphoedema, Chi Machine helps to reduce the fluid retention
  • Those who has trouble to loose weight
  • Stress Management
  • Back Pain, Headaches and many more.



Drink warm water 30 minutes prior 



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