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Slow down the ageing process.

 Big hello to all of you.  There is good news ahead - 2020 is almost over!

Many will be glad to see the end of this year.  Lets hope we soon have free movement around the nation.

We have also just had the news that Qantas intends to ban international travel to those that won't be vaccinated for COVID 19.  Obviously the decision has been made that these vaccines are safe and effective by QANTAS management even before the industry science is in.  Just think of that- the miracle of prophecy still exists in our modern, supposedly rational world.  Let's see what the future holds.

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What's New



Pain Relief  in minutes without Drugs

Many are are suffering from Chronic pain and nothing has helped, pain slowing down our mind and becoming difficult to live and do our daily task.  Some of  you may have been regular massage or SOQI Far Infrared Therapy can feel the different in energy and feel better, however for those who unable to have regularly therapy now I have found another natural pain relief that you can carry it with you anywhere.

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Spring Cleaning Special

Hello all

Hope you all well.  In this newsletter I would like to share what's available to help balancing your wellbeing, so you can stay fit and energize towards end of the year and continue having fun. 

I also includes a video about SOQI Bed, this is great information for those who new to SOQI Bed and wants to learn more about it.



Bodhi Chan Meditation centre invite you to come along to Free meditation retreat with great meditation teachers, the temple is set among tranquils garden, it is on Sat 12 Oct, if anyone interested you can go and register yourself, or I can register for you, email me if you are interested!

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Stay Healthy and Warm this Winter


Thermal Therapy A Day - keep you away from the Doctor 

Sitting, sweating like a pig in a steam sauna is now a thing of the past.  Say hello to SOQI Far Infrared Energy (Thermal Therapy).  SOQI F.I.R.E eliminates more toxins out of your body.  You can experience the great health benefits of SOQI F.I.R.E in comfortable feeling with no humidity or feeling clusterfobic, the ultimate most relaxing detox, health, beauty,  energy session


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Yummy Food for Your Bones


Hello everyone, 

In this newsletter I am sharing some information "why should we stop having dairy products", and what is the alternative to milk for your calcium.

If you are struggling get rid of infections, skin problems,  weight loss and other health issue, read the info below. You will be surprise with the results. 

Enjoy the reading and hope keep yourself cool but warm inside!

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