SOQI FIR Bed versus FIR Detox Box

This video help you to learn more why SOQI Bed is better compare to other Far Infrared Detox Box

Hope you enjoy watching this informative video!

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Is Busy Life Giving you Stress?


Soqi Bed has helped many people globally, Pr Lama is very happy with Soqi bed


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What is Soqi Bed




SOQI is a total health management solution, perfect for creating and maintaining good health everyday.

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How Soqi and Diabetes

SOQI Therapies Can Help Diabetes

Diabetes results when the pancreas stops making insulin (or the insulin is not used correctly) and the body can no longer deliver glucose to the cells for energy. Symptoms of diabetes are: frequent urination, excessive thirst, poor circulation, weakness and fatigue, and nausea and vomiting.

The SOQI therapy can benefit diabetes in 3 different ways.

1. Diabetics are at high risk for poor circulation and infection. The Far Infrared Hothouse is a form of light and heat therapy that increases the micro circulation in the whole body, therefore reducing swelling and oxygenating the cells. It strengthens the functions of the micro-circulation system and thus boosts overall good health. Recent research has confirmed that FIR rays prevent bacterial growth and may assist with reducing infections. By the FIR’s rejuvenating and healing abilities, it may also help the beta cells on the pancreas to increase their production of insulin.

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