Couples Massage Class

Written by Marguerite Tarman



Partners in Wellness - Couples Massage Class

Rekindle... restore.... reconnect

Learn to share massage with your partner safely and effectively


  • 3 hour class
    Easy to follow massage techniques
    Work on massage tables
    Learn to give at least 1 hour massage WITHOUT GETING TIRED!!!

You will be able to do massage confidently by the time you finish with this workshop

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FIR Waist Support NEW

Written by Marguerite Tarman


I love this FIR waist support especially if you have constant lower back pain or menstrual pain

The fabric is soft. 

Highly recommended

Available at Chi Health Spa shop for only $165




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Chi Health and Anti-Ageing Seminar

Written by Marguerite Tarman


All invited: distributors, entrepreneurs and interested parties

This is an exciting opportunity for you to come and hear from James Liu - the SOQI Expert (aka SOQI General Manager) from Taiwan.  Join us in this informative seminar to learn how SOQI Multiple Energy can help you with better health, beauty, wellbeing and anti-ageing.

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Countering The Effects of Technology On Our Health

Written by Marguerite Tarman


People call it The Wobbler.  The Sun Chi Machine is quite amazing little health device, it is a Passive Aerobic Exercises which helps to improve your Oxygen and for those are looking to stay slim, this is the best exercise machine, easy on the joint, only 15 minutes a day.

Here is a short read and video what Provoke magazine says about Sun Ancon Chi Machine and The Doctors

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Written by Marguerite Tarman



helps improve your oxygenation



19 FEB 2017

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How to improve your Cellulite by Dr J Wallach

Written by Marguerite Tarman


Why Do We Have Cellulite and How To Reduce Cellulite ?


Most of us don't like the appearance of the Cellulite, we spend so much money and time to look good.

What the Cellulite Cream company, Plastic Surgeon don't tell us is what causing the cellulite!

Watch this video to understand "What is Connective Tissue" and "How the Connective Tissue play important part of our Health and Beauty",  Dr Wallach explain a number of difference health issues as well as cellulite.

PS:  The E-Power Electro Body Energizer is actually repair our body connective tissue and improve immunity!

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Summer Food for Detoxification

Written by Marguerite Tarman


I thought I share some of recepie to add into your detox or weight loss programme.  Many of you may not heard or try vegetables called Winter Melon.  Winter Melon best have it as soup, tea or deserts.  It is delicious!


WINTER MELON another name is Wax Gourd

It is fast growing vegetables in summer each fruit weight up to 50 pounds, the reason it s called winter melon is because it can be stored without refrigerator as long in the cool place for a few months.

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Yummy Food for Your Bones

Written by Marguerite Tarman


Hello everyone, 

In this newsletter I am sharing some information "why should we stop having dairy products", and what is the alternative to milk for your calcium.

If you are struggling get rid of infections, skin problems,  weight loss and other health issue, read the info below. You will be surprise with the results. 

Enjoy the reading and hope keep yourself cool but warm inside!

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5 Star Exotic Mandalay Myanmar

Written by Marguerite Tarman



Exotic Mandalay Myanmar

Its Cultures Place



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