Noni ByNewAge



Tahitian Noni™ Original™ is impossible to duplicate. Noni from Noni New Age process—which includes harvesting techniques, quality assurance that begins in the field, extraction and stabilization procedures, custom equipment, and packaging techniques—is proprietary and absolutely 


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What is E-POWER



When people go walking with bare feet in the early morning, it can balance the electric potential in their body,

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News 2020

Slow down the ageing process.

 Big hello to all of you.  There is good news ahead - 2020 is almost over!

Many will be glad to see the end of this year.  Lets hope we soon have free movement around the nation.

We have also just had the news that Qantas intends to ban international travel to those that won't be vaccinated for COVID 19.  Obviously the decision has been made that these vaccines are safe and effective by QANTAS management even before the industry science is in.  Just think of that- the miracle of prophecy still exists in our modern, supposedly rational world.  Let's see what the future holds.

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Strengthen Your Immunity Now!



There no Better Times to try Tahitian Noni Juice

Tahitian Noni Juice is a bio-active beverage that supports your immune system, delivers superior antioxidants that help  rid the body of harmful free radicals, increases energy, supports heart health, and allows for greater physical performance levels.  Noni juice has also been known help maintain bone and joint health, help maintain normal blood pressure and improve gum health plus balance the nervous system which mean can help for insomnia and stress.

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Boost Juice

Everyone in the world is talking about the Coronovirus, what do we do to take care ourself to reduce getting this deadly virus.  They are many products and supplements out there helps improving our immunity, however have you  read and study the facts about Tahitian Noni Juice by NewAge?

Here is the link for your peruse about amazing Tahitian Noni Juice, I love drinking it and I love the feeling what it does! 


Available for retail or wholesale!

Ask me for wholesale prices:  0417 771908

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Christmas Special



8 more days to Christmas, hope you are not to stressful rushing to do everything for Christmas day.

It's suppose to be a holiday season, but we unconsciously doing more than the body can cope!

Well from my end I have moved again and I apologize didn't inform you earlier.  This time I will stay for longer time.

I now can offer you much better room, super quite, more space and also have set up a room for ladies who like to have a weekend private retreat away from family or need to have a rest day but dont want to go to far away from home.  It is available now

The weekend rest package includes:

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Anti-Ageing Hands On Workshop


Its never to late to have younger looking skin and feel again amazing again!

Summer season is here, this is good time to start looking after your precious beauty!

Come and join me for demonstration and practical Anti-Ageing  workshop from inside out.  I will be sharing my knowledge "Why?" we AGE and "How" can we slow down the AGE-ing process.




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How To Prevent Diseases with the Symptoms of Coughing

Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health using The original Sun Ancon Chi machine

Dr Inoue mentioned in his book that Aerobic respiration exercise can help in the prevention of various disorders with the symptoms of coughing.  Coughing and production of mucus are symptoms that do not necessarily associate with flue. a phenomenonin which the inhaled air is blown out of the mouth abruptly, is an indication of breathing difficulty.  It leads to insufficient supply of oxygen to the body, and causes other diseases as well.  Following is a list of conditions which may be induced by chronic coughing

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Why do we need Collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein the human body, as well as in animals, and one that fills a very important role when it comes to your health and appearance.  You see, collagen is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles, more about Collagen.

If you are new to Collagen supplement or want the best Collagen available in the market try TeMana Noni + Collagen, incredible combination together.  More about Morinda Noni

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What's New



Pain Relief  in minutes without Drugs

Many are are suffering from Chronic pain and nothing has helped, pain slowing down our mind and becoming difficult to live and do our daily task.  Some of  you may have been regular massage or SOQI Far Infrared Therapy can feel the different in energy and feel better, however for those who unable to have regularly therapy now I have found another natural pain relief that you can carry it with you anywhere.

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