WANTED:  People To Test Out Our  New Japanese Thermal #Massage Recovery Bed For A Discount

Residents of #Tenerife and surrounds will you do us a favour?

For 9 years now we’ve been servicing for local residents who:
- Want to reduce tension in their back, neck, shoulders
- Are looking for some 'me time',

Our service has been very well received, and now we are looking to continue to grow, which brings me to my favour.

Social media reviews are very important for a small family business like ours, and we are looking for more, so I’m coming to you with a request for help…

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Hi I wanted to share the news with you all that Master Mantak Chia is visiting Brisbane next week and he will be sharing his knowledge  how to activate your Chi, simple exercise to stay healthy.

He is amazing Master, he is well known worldwide


2 Programmes to choose or you can attend to all of them

Date: 27 March : 2 hour from 6 to 8

Date: 28 March to 2 April workshop (this one you can do the whole 6 days or just 1 or 2 days). See programme below

Let me know if some of you interested in 6 days workshop



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What is Chi


The Physiology of Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Why Chi for your health?

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Dr Cabriales Recommendation


Dr Cabriales recommended the E-Power - Chi machine - HotHouse 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Dr Show the Chi Machine


Sun Ancon Chi Machine - Dr Show

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SOQI Bed presentation by Dr. Christopher Knutson


SOQI Bed video presentation by 

Dr.Christopher Knutson (ND, MH, CNC, CHS, MI)

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SOQI Bed for rent

Happy New Year to you all!

New Year is a good time to think about how to have balance lifestyle to increase energy, research proven rest the mind is much more beneficial for health benefits which will improve the internal energy (chi). For those who haven't practice meditation before and like to be able to do,  you can start with 5 mins meditation morning when you wake up then 5 mins before you go to bed.

Here how you can do simple easy meditation technique:

  • Find a favourite spot and quite or in bed when you wake up
  • Seat up with your spine erect or lay flat (no pillow if you can) 
  • Turn off your phone, tv, and advice everyone you wont be available for just 10 mins (give extra 5 mins to allow you extra relaxation)
  • Close your eyes, FOCUS (is important) into your breath
  • If ou have trouble to focus, if you still thinking just allow it, with daily practice you will soon able to reduce the thinking, if you feel wants to do more than 5 min is wonderful. Try to meditation to includes in your daily routing, soon you will feel more easier and peaceful.


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Pain relief, Energize, Calmer, Face lift with E-Power


How to use E-Power correctly

Improving your Chi, Immunity, Detoxify


Call or email for more questions, or ask me how to do face and neck lift!

Please share your experience for those enjoy using E-Power 

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SOQI FIR Bed versus FIR Detox Box


This video help you to learn more why SOQI Bed is better compare to other Far Infrared Detox Box

Hope you enjoy watching this informative video!


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