Natural "Antibiotics"?


How Do Sunshine and Air prevent infection?

Studies conducted at a United Kingdom Ministry of Defence site provide some answers.  Scientists there were trying to establish how long the air would remain dangerous if a biological weapon armed with harmful bacteria were exploded over London.  To determine the vaiability of airborne pathogens, the researchers archored E.coli microorganisms to threads of spider skilk and exposed them to the open air.  The experiment was performed at night, since it was known that sunlight kills these bacteria.  What were the results? Some two hours later, nearly all the bacteria were dead.  Yet, when the bacterial were kept in a close

ed bos in the same location and at the same temperature and humidity, most of them were still alive past the two hour mark.



  1. Plenty of sleep or rest whenever you can, sleep helps to increase the liver energy therefore increase the immune system by balancing the nervous system.
  2. Plenty of food contain Vitamin C, it is much better than the Vit C tablets, some of these tablets are quite acidy and cause some thrust.
  3. Go out in the sun every morning around 6.30 and 7am for 15 minutes, sunlight is natural far infrared ray, which help to kill the bacteria and natural disinfecting.
  4. Eat more warm green vegetables, ginger and garlic instead of salad, we need to keep our internal system warm to prepare for cold winter months.  Also drink boiled warm water, avoild freezing cold or cold water.

If you start slowly into this new habit, your body will be happier.  

Till next time, call us for more help!

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