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Seasons greetings!

Can you believe it's the end of the year already? Christmas is just around the corner, and no doubt it is a busy time for many of you!

It's common to feel a bit burnt out at this time of the year, and lately many of you have been sharing how stressed and exhausted you feel. Likewise, it's also very common to see loved ones going through a lot of stress, as they wrap up work for the year, organise Christmas parties and coordinate family events - all while trying to find time for themselves!

Lots of you have been asking if I can help put together a Healthy Christmas Gift Pack for your loved ones, to help them to relax, re-energise, and feel great from the inside out, so I thought I'd share some ideas to help you and your loved ones get the best out of the Holiday period! Remember, stress can create many illnesses within our bodies, so it's absolutely vital to take time for ourselves when life gets busy!

Here at Chi Health Spa, we have many different ways of helping you reduce your stress and restore your inner chi, whether it be through massage, or our Soqi health devices - such as the chi machine or Soqi hothouse sauna.In particular, these machines can help to balance the vibration of your internal system, increasing your chi energy and allowing the body to detoxify and eliminate what it doesn't need - while at the same time helping your body to absorb the nutrients it does.

So whether you are looking for something to help you feel and look more beautiful on the outside (such as cellulite reduction, weight loss or face/neck lift) or are searching for a way to nourish your body and lead a more peaceful, calm life, there are lots of ways we can cater to you.

See below for some healthy Christmas Gift Packages!


Christmas Special

SOQI Far Infrared Sauna Massage Bed

Christmas special: $5058.90, normally $7920

Plus FREE 5 visits face and Neck Lift sessions (value $250)

FREE 30 minutes aromatherapy massage (value $55)


What Soqi far infrared sauna massge bed do:

Daily Health Management

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Detoxify
  • Relaxation
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Great for skin condition
  • Stomach massage
  • Reduce weight
  • Relief pain, sport injury


Soqi Far infrared sauna massage bed

is a great gift for whole family 


     Sun Ancon Chi Machine

The Original Chi Machine(beware of imitation)

Passive aerobic exercise and Oxygenator

15 minutes Chi Machine = 10,000 walking steps


Christmas Special $627, normally $696.30

Plus FREE 2 Far infrared Detox Sauna sessions (value $99)

FREE Footrest cover




Electrotherapy for Body Toning

Face, Neck Skin Lift and Cellulite reduction, weight reduction

Great gift for men and women

E-Power also helps balance emotion: more calm and peaceful

 We live surounds EMF which kills our cells,  E-Power helps to regenerate body cells

 Christmas Special $768.90, normally $1098.90

Plus FREE 2 visits x 50 minutes Far infrared detox session (value $99)




 Soqi  Bundle Special

Energy and Detox 

  • Single Large Far Infrared HotHose
  • Sun Ancon Chi Machine
  • E-Power

Christmas Special: $2439.80, Saves: $209

Plus FREE one visit for 30 minutes foot massage (value $50)

FREE 2 visits Face and Neck Lift session (value $100)




SOQI Cellulite - Weight reduction package

8 visits $290, 

10 visits $350

Plus FREE Eye Lift masks



We accept all credit cards and Amex

Please email, text or call me on 0417 771908



Thank you to all for your support and loyalty.  Hope your life journey will be more lighter in the coming new year

Marguerite T

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