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In this newsletter I am sharing some information "why should we stop having dairy products", and what is the alternative to milk for your calcium.

If you are struggling get rid of infections, skin problems,  weight loss and other health issue, read the info below. You will be surprise with the results. 

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It is easy to prescribe drugs but difficult to diagnose disease

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According to Chinese Way of Health cow's milk is meant for calves, and babies are meant to drink mother's milk until weaned from it.  Nature has designed both types of milk and digestive systems accordingly.  It is a scientifically documented fact that calves fed on pasteurized milk from their own mother cows usually die within 6 weeks, so it sands to reason that pasteurized cow's milk is not a wholesome.  life-sustaining food for calves, much less for humans.

Cow's milk has four times the protein and only half carbohydrate content of human milk., pasteurization destroys the natural enzyme in cow's milk required to digest its heavy protein content, the excess milk protein therefore putrefies in human digestive tract, clogging the intestines with sticky sludge, some of which seeps into the bloodstream.  As this putrid sludge accumulates from daily consumption of dairy products the body forces some of it out through the skin such as acne, blemishes and lungs (catarrh), while the rest of it festers inside, forms mucus that breeds infections, causes allergic reactions and stiffens joints with calcium deposits.  Many cases of chronic asthma, allergies, ear infections and acne have been totally cured simply by eliminating all diary products from the diet. 

Cow's milk products are particularly are harmful to women.  Milk is suppose to flow out not into, women's body.

The consumption of dairy products, including milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream, appears to be strongly linked to various disorders of the female reproductive system, including ovarian tumors and cysts, vaginal discharges and infections.

True that cow;s milk contains 118 mg of calcium in every 100 grams, compared to 33 mg/100grams in human milk.  But cow's milk also contains 97 mg phosphorus/100 grams compared to only 18 mg in human milk.  Phosphorus combines with calcium in the digestive tract and actually blocks its assimilation.

Osteoproses, it is caused not so much by calcium deficiency in the diet as it is by dietary factors which leach calcium from bones and teeth, especially sugar, meat and refined startch, and alcohol all cause a constant state of acidosis in the bloodstream and acid blood is known to dissolve calcium from bones.

 The Chinese Way of Health






  1. Go darker with your green:  nothing beats calcium from milk for your bones, but it's also found in lots of vegetables.  This is great alternative, especially if you are intolerant to gluten or dairy.  One great choice: dark leafy greens such as Bok Choy, Chinese Cabbage, Kale, Collard Greens, and Turnip Greens.  Once cup of cooked turnip greens has about 200 milligrams of calcium (20% of your daily goal).  On top of that, dark greens also have Vit K, which can reduce your risk for osteoporosis.
  2. This Spud's for you:  two lesser known nutrients that help keep bones healthy are magnesium and potassium   If you are low on magnesium, you can have problem your Vit D balance. which may affect your bone.  Potassium neutralizes acid in your body that leach calcium out of your bones.  One of delicious way to get some of both nutrients is by eating a baked sweet potato with no salt, which has 31 milligrams of magnesium and 542 milligrams of potassium.  Great for breakfast, morning or afternoon teas.
  3. For those who likes fresh fruits, start your day off tart:  add a grapefruit to your breakfast and you'll be doing more than waking up your taste buds.  Citrus fruits have Vic C, which has been shown to help prevent bone loss.  One whole pink or red grapefruit has about 90 milligrams of Vic C, giving you the amount you need for the entire day. Not to mention grapefruit helps to loosed unwanted inches as well.  Cant handle the source of grapefruit?  A navel orange comes in close with 83 milligrams.   
  4. Get Figgy with it:  if you are looking for bone strengthening fruit, figs should be near the top of your shopping list.  Five medium fresh figs have around 90 milligrams of calcium and other skeleton saving nutrients potassium and magnesium.. You find a few figs around at this time of year. Dried figs are just as good.  half cup of dried figs have 120 milligrams of calcium. 
  5. Think beyond canned Tuna:  Salmon and other types of fatty fish offer an array of bone-boosting nutrients.  They contain Vit D, which helps your body use calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, which may also aid bones.  One of the best ways to buy salmon is actually canned.  Three ounces has 183 milligrams of calcium.  Why such a high amount?  Small, soft bones get included with the meat in the canning process (don't worry you wont notice them)

You might not know that the negative ions produced by the E-Power can improve the health of your bones.
As you age, the bones resist PTH from the parathyroid gland (thyroid) to make more bone-forming cells. The negative fields, nevertheless, can increase this function. It triggers the spleen and bone marrow to increase the calcium level, strengthens your bones and improves the symptoms of osteoporosis.



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