World Class Athletes who uses Sun Ancon Chi Machine

This heavy weight boxing champion and Australian rugby league star athlete, chose to incorporate eight minute Chi Machine sessions, before and after every daily training workout. The Daily Telegraph on 27th Dec. 2001, published a two page article featuring the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and Solomon, who became a guest speaker and spokesman for HTE Australia


Queensland's Cairns Taipans.
Basketball League Team, Australia.

March 21st, 2003 - The Taipans strength and conditioning coach Ben Hitchins used the Sun Ancon Chi Machine as an ideal method for athletes needing extra stamina, endurance and energy. Perfect for warming up and cooling down, passive aerobic exercise disperses lactic acid before soreness has a chance to take hold


Russian born athlete Kosta Tszyu,
pictured with his wife in Australia.

WBA, WBC, IBF Junior Welterweight World Boxing Champion, Kosta incorporated the Sun Ancon Chi Machine into his daily training program


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