Why you should seriously throw away the Microwave


Electromagnetic Pollution

The impact of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation, whether natural or abnormal on human health and energy is now becoming established in Western Science.  The implications of this fact for modern human lifestyles are enormous. The frequencies at which electric power systems such as : radio, televisition signals and microwave transmissions operate do not exist in nature and can cause severe disturbances in human energy systems, which in turn give rise to physical and mental health problems. Brain tumours and other cancershave also been linked to the abnormal frequencies produced by radar and other microwave transmitters, including mobile phone.

The hazard comes from the fact that exposure to microwaves, like exposure to any abnormal electro magnetic field, produces strss, a decline in immune system competency, and changes in the genetic apparatus. Ordinary electric power lines and tranformers operate around 60 Hz

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