What is EMF "Dirty Electricity"


Electromagnetic Pollution

EMF - Electric and Magnetic Fields

EMF often call Dirty Electricity

Human Energy fields have been scientifically proven to be directly affected by Electromagnetic activity in the earth's field.

The impact of electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation on human and energy is now becoming established in Western science.  The implication of this fact for modern human lifestyles are enormous.

EMFs have ben linked to an increase in Chronic Diseases

Electronics and computers: According to a Canadian researcher, increasing levels of EMF in homes, schoold, shopping centres is contributing to increased rates of MS, Diabetes and AD/ADHD and Asthma in children.

Compact Fluorescent Lights:  energy efficients and low voltage lighting


Modern Dimmers Switches


Cordless phones and baby monitors emit radiation full time

Wireless networks: Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies are some of the worst polluters.


Brain tumors and other cancerns have also been linked to the abnormal frequencies produced by radar and other microwave transmitters, including mobile phones.  Dr Robert Becker, on eof America's leading authorities in the field of electromagnetic pollution, writes as follows in his book Cross Currents:

"The scientific data at this time indicate that microwaves have major biological effects at power levels far below those required to causing heating (such as microwave ovens).  The majority of these effects are productive of various disease states, primarily cancer and genetic defects, in those exposed and in their unexposed offspring...  The hazard comes from the fact that exposure to microwaves, like xposure to any obnormal electromagnetic field, produces stress, a decline in immune sytems competency, and changes in the genetic apparatus."

Power Lines and Mobile Phone Towerls: have been linked to increases in chronic diseases. Ordinary electric power lines and transformers operate at 60Hz in the USA and 50 Hz in Europe.

Bearing in mind that fields of ony 3 milligauss have been conclusively linked to greatly increased risk of brain cancer, genetic damage and birth defects.  Here are some of household appliances generated EMF:

Television sets also emit x-rays that can penetrate 2 to 3 inches into the human body.  Those fields emit in all directions and can easily penetrate wood and other solid materials, so be sure that no one has a bed or desk placed against the opposite side of a wall where the television set located.

Electric blanket produce fields in teh 50 to 100 milligauss range, far above safe levels.  Dr Nancy Wertheimer of the University of Colorado studied the effects of electric blankets on pregnant women and found a far higher rate of miscarrigage among women who use them.

Electric Razor generate highly intense fields ranging from 200 to 400 milligauss. 

Hair Dryers produce a field of 50 milligauss at 6 inches, which is more than enough to increase the risk of brain tumours and other cancers, as well as genetic damage.  It has long been noted that female hairdressers have abnormally high rates of breast cancer, which may well be due to occupational hazard of operating hair dryers within 6 inches of their breasts.

 Extracted from Guarding the three treasures.



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