Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Therapy


Far Infrared and Autonomic Nerve

It is so precious to maintain healthy life style to create healthy body, so many of us having trouble to do so. Toxic environment and toxic mind can damaging our autonomic nervous system and slow down our Chi (life force energy) as the results of these we are getting tired, sick, aches and pain, having serious illnesses. 

I want to share one of study extracted from The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic benefits of FIR therapy for  your understanding why FIR therapy is beneficial to maintain healthy body especially when using it together with the Chi machine.




The SOQI FIR Dome single portable now available

You can use it for different part of bodies with or without the Chi Machine

If you like to create the sweat, just cover yourself from toes to neck using light sheet or blanket, the heat will travels throughout the wholebody.



For your pet, helps for joint, cancer pain





And for those prefer SOQI Healing Energy Bed, HTE created new design, comes with music system and 3 FIR domes, and chi machine for your enjoyment after work to relax and health benefits for your family and yourself. 

Saves you going to have massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy.  I will have workshop how to use the SOQI health equipment for different health challenges and wellbeing.

They giving away FIR To Go value $599 with SOQI bed purchase plus FREE Youngevity mineral



To Health and Wealth


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