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Happy New Year to you all!

New Year is a good time to think about how to have balance lifestyle to increase energy, research proven rest the mind is much more beneficial for health benefits which will improve the internal energy (chi). For those who haven't practice meditation before and like to be able to do,  you can start with 5 mins meditation morning when you wake up then 5 mins before you go to bed.

Here how you can do simple easy meditation technique:

  • Find a favourite spot and quite or in bed when you wake up
  • Seat up with your spine erect or lay flat (no pillow if you can) 
  • Turn off your phone, tv, and advice everyone you wont be available for just 10 mins (give extra 5 mins to allow you extra relaxation)
  • Close your eyes, FOCUS (is important) into your breath
  • If ou have trouble to focus, if you still thinking just allow it, with daily practice you will soon able to reduce the thinking, if you feel wants to do more than 5 min is wonderful. Try to meditation to includes in your daily routing, soon you will feel more easier and peaceful.



Soqi bed is wonderful tool to add with meditation time, you can meditate while using the SOQI Bed, plus all the other benefits such as:  increases your circulation, which is mean keep the blood and lymph moving allowing the body detoxify naturally. SOQI bed helps increase oxygen (prevent from all illnesses), lymphatic drainage (reduce the fluid retention), unplug blood stagnation (get rid fat, and other substances and food that the body doesn't need)

How to use the Soqi Bed
30 mins in the morning when you wake up, the body need energy, the mind need to relax to study or whatever you need to do during the day.
30 mins at night to relax the parasympathetic nervous system, so helps you sleep better
Follow this routine daily is the key to keep you light and is preventative measure to get sick and/or if you sick generally helps get back into your feet faster.

Take care till next month

Warm Regards

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