Hi I wanted to share the news with you all that Master Mantak Chia is visiting Brisbane next week and he will be sharing his knowledge  how to activate your Chi, simple exercise to stay healthy.

He is amazing Master, he is well known worldwide


2 Programmes to choose or you can attend to all of them

Date: 27 March : 2 hour from 6 to 8

Date: 28 March to 2 April workshop (this one you can do the whole 6 days or just 1 or 2 days). See programme below

Let me know if some of you interested in 6 days workshop






Course Timetable – Here is a short overview of the 6 days

Thursday & Friday– Learn about the Born-Again Process

Awaking Healing Light Through the Tao, Back to The Body Wisdom, Emotional Wisdom, Taoist Way to The Born-Again Process, learn about Wisdom chi kung & Inner alchemy basics, inner smile, harnessing the micro cosmic orbit, six healing sounds, chi self-massage, spinal cord breathing &, primordial breath.

Saturday & Sunday - Healing Love Workshop: Learn about the multi orgasmic man & women, the multi orgasmic couple, seminal kung fu the Taoist secret of energy, Body & brain orgasm, testicle & ovary breathing and how to transform your sexual energy.

Monday – Learn about Cosmic Healing – Through Grand master chia’s profound understanding of the ancient esoteric science of guiding chi energy, students will learn how to harness the astral energies of specific stars and harness the healing lights and colors abundant in the universe, a powerful tool for activating and strengthening the immune system.

Tuesday – Tao Yin Chinese Yoga – Tao Yin contains a wide variety of movements from lying down and squatting postures. These exercises circulate, adjust and regenerate energy of the body specially the Psoas Muscle (the muscle of the soul) and serves for both activity & relaxation.


Universal Healing Tao Books & DVD’S and merchandise will be available for purchase during the workshop.

Cost:  Early bird special $650 total workshop (6 days) Bring some friends Group discount-      

5 guests (includes organizer) $600 each- 10 guests (includes organizer) $550 each

$150 per day workshop

Early bird special is until 27-3-19 then full cost is $750




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