Natural Pain Relief for Abdominal Distension

The Far Infrared Rays from SOQI Dome warm up the hard muscles and tendon

I thought I need to pointed out to you all how the Far Infrared Therapy could safe our life from suffering and reduce the intake of toxic medication. 

I myself have experienced the Abdominal Distention for many years, the pain is unbearable, food and water not absorbing into the body, after so many days or weeks the body starting to feel really ill with other symptoms such cold, headache, nauseated.

What cause the AD?:  Prolonged mental stress may intensify the abdominal muscles, the diaphragm muscles, and muscles of the back leading to abdominal distension.

This condition normally called neuritic abdominal distention and mostly happen to females.


Clinical Effect on Far Infrared Therapy by Dr Sasaki Kyuo

Miss M has been working for a private company. Her mother suffers from intestinal cancer and her condition is worsening.  Miss M became very nervous, often wondering whether she might also have cancer or be prone to it.  She was overwhelmed by this thought.

I told her abdominal distension might be caused by psychological factors.  In order to make her relax,  I prescribed far infrared ray therapy for her.  Now she is recovering gradually.

Far infrared ray dilates capillaries, improves blood circulation, increases metabolism in the tissues and strengthens the tissues ability to repair themselves.  All these physiological functions contribute to Miss M recovery.

(Abstract from The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic of Far Infrared Ray Therapy by Dr S. Kyuo)



SOQI Far Infrared provide pure far infrared, the dome is light and easy to use.  It is best to use the far infrared dome immediately when you feel the pain is coming.

1Always keep you fluid (warm water) all day by sipping the water slowly

2.  Place the SOQI Dome over your stomach, cover with light blanket or sheet from feet up to shoulder

3. Start 15 minutes and have a break, when you feel comfortable you can increase the time to 30 minute then 1 hour, turn it off after each hour.

4. Stay relax, and if the stomach still in pain keep using it and rest again, continue till the pain gone away.  

5. .Please check with your GP if you have doubt.





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