How to use E-Power for Cellulite reduction


What is E-Power:

E-Power is an electrotherapy for home use, is great little health device to help you loose weight, cellulite reduction, tone and skin tightening for the whole body includes face and neck. 

It is non-toxic,  convenience and safe.

What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy is the application of electric current to the body to reduce pain, speed healing process, renew cells, and detoxify.

E-Power is an effective tool to help weight loss, break down the fat cells to release toxins, reducing the cellulite, toning and tighten your skin by repairing connective tissue.


How does E-Power tone the body and reduce cellulite?

E-Power tigtens the deep and superficial muscles for non surgical facial, neck and body sculture.  At the same time helps to reduce excess fluids, eliminate puffiness and toxins.  It works for the whole body.  This technique of slimming has been around since 1940.  

Includes E-Power part of your daily routine will also give you other positives side effects such as more energy, more calmer, balance your hormone and off course keep you slim.


Yes, proof it yourself and read our testimonial

Simple and easy, use only H20, pain free, see some results within 1 hour, frequent use the E-Power produce long term results.

Skin tightening:  stimulates through frequency, build collagen, boosts lymphatic drainage, which important to reduce excess fluids and toxins, reduce puffiness.  Your skin will look healthier and softer.

Cellulite: which cause by broken connective tissue. it affects 90 percent of woemn and around 10 percent of men.  It is an accumulation of hard fat cells trapped underneath the skin.  E-Power helps break down the hard fat cells and drain it away, at same time renew the broken connective tissue returing the former elasticity.

When our estrogen decreasing is when you start seeing the appearance of the celllulite, which is mean you lose receptors in the blood vessels, so lack of circulation, when you have less circulation you get less oxygen and nutrition and then our collagen production also decrease, at the same time our fat cells becoming larger, and start protruding through the collagen.

Try the 10 visits sessions E-power and Soqi far infrared detox with Sun Ancon Chi machine which help bring the oxygen in just 15 minutes.

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