How To Use Sun Ancon Chi Machine correctly



Clinically and medically proven by FLINDERS MEDICAL CENTER


The Sun Ancon Chi Machine or "Oxygen Massager" or "Aerobic Exerciser" is a very powerful therapeutic tool and can cause pain and other forms of physical distress if over used.


Using this machine for longer than the recommended time could cause a reaction which might lead someone to believe that far from doing them good the machine is doing them harm.

A healthy person can start with a maximum of 5 minutes once or twice a day.  After a week they can go up to 10 minutes once or twic a day.  They can, if they wish, then increase to three times a day.

The poorer the state of health or the more pain a person is in, the shorter the time the machine should be used.  Just one minute once a day is quite for someone in poor health and for someone who is in a lot of pain.  They can then slowly lengthen the time and increase the number of sessions as they notice improvement.  The emphasis here should be on SLOWLY.


One of the effects of the movement is to stimulate the release of accumulated toxins from the tissues.  That is why it is very important to drink water both before and after using the machine.  Release of toxins can give rise to headaches and aggravation of other pains.  You might also get a bit or darrhea, feel tired, nauseous, and a little unwell or just"off".  These symptoms should only be temporary.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and perhaps decrease your time on the machine until they have passed.

If these feelings persist, stop using the machine and contact us immediately.

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  1. Position the massage unit on a firm surface with the handle directed away from you.  Carpet is fine but not plush pile as it is important that the air intake in the base of the machine is not obstructed.  A firm based bed can be used by the bedriddent with the machine placed on a board at the bottom of the bed but proper positioning of the spine can only be guaranteed on a firm surface like a carpeted floor.
  2. Remove shoes, socks and glasses and any tight restrictive clothing
  3. As the body relaxes it will naturally decrease heat production so make sure that the room is warm or cover yourself with a blanket.
  4. Drink some water (one glass is sufficient) before starting.
  5. Lay down on your back with your body perpendicular with the front of the machine.  Place your legs in the footrest on top of the machine so that your feet just hang over the other side.  Let your arms lay by your side.  Be sure your are comfortable before starting the machine.  If necessary you can use pillows or other forms of padding to prop up parts of the body that might be uncomfortable.  As you derive benefit from the machine with repeated use you will gradually be able to remove these supports.
  6. Start the machine by setting the desired time.  It is very important that you read the information on TIMING before you begin
  7. 40% of the therapeutic effect occurs while the machine is moving and 60% when it stops so when it does stop simply lie there with your eyes closed.  YOu will feel this effect either as a state of calmness or a feeling of energy in the body.  This energy may be experienced as tingling or a feeling of an electric current.  Simply focus you attention on whatever you feel in your body and cintunue to lie there until your body tells you that it is time to get up.
  8. Remove you heel from the foot rest and bend your knees and hips until your thighs are at right angles to the floor.  With your arms lying on the floor at a 45 degree angle to the body gently lower your knees to one side as far as it comfortable.  Hold there for a moment then slowly return them to the upright position and lower them to the other side as far as is comfortable.  On lowering them to the side take an easy breath in, breathing out as you raise the legs to the upright position again.  Repeat this movement up to 5 times either side.  Throughout therse movements use your arms to stabilise yourself and ensure that the shoulders and upper body do not rise from the ground.
  9. To get up again roll the legs to one side and at the same time take your opposite arm with ou so that you roll your body to one side.  From this position you can easily stand up rising to your knees first.  DO NOT stand up straight away if you feel light headed or dizzy in anyway.  Return to the lying position again and wait another few minutes before getting up.
  10. Conclude the session with a large drink of water (one to two glasses).


  • Close your eyes and observe the feeling of movement in different parts of your body.  See if you can notice any obvious restrictions
  • If you use a meditation technique you can use it while on the machine
  • Close your eyes and picture yourself somewhere that makes you feel calm and at peace
  • Play relaxing music
  • Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing noticing how the motion causes it to slow down and become more relaxed.  It may almost seem to stop.
  • The Mid Position:  for headache, upper back pain
  • The Goldfish Posisition: for constipation, lower back pain and relaxation
  • The Stretched Back Position: for weight loss


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