How Oxygenation Helps to Treat Numbness

Dr Shizuo Inoue (the inventor of Sun Ancon Chi Machine)

Message from Dr Shizuo Inoue how to maximise your Sun Ancon Chi machine

To treat numbness, cold hands or feet, swellings or peripheral neuritis by rapid oxygenation using

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Sun Ancon Chi Machine "The Original Chi Machine" 

There are many capillaries scattered superficially on the tip of fingers and toes and other parts of extremeties.  when the oxygen levels are insufficient in the body and the blood circulates slowly, one will feel cold or swollen hands or feet.  this situation may further lead to inflammation of the peripheral nerves.

Aerobic respiration exercise not only helps the traches dilate more to allow more oxygen into the body, but also enables the veins to contract, so the blood can better flow back to the heart.  In its passage via lungs it picks up fresh oxygen which ten flows to various cells.  In this way the aerobic respiration exercise strengthens the functions of the internal organs.

With a full stomach and tired body a middle aged person need more oxygen than a young person does.  But the age factor has caused their trachea to contract.  Thus their body often can not obtain enough oxygen.  Under such circumstances, the chances of cardiovascular accident are extremely high.

To prevent a cardiovascular accident, one should take some special measures, among others, the preventative measures include eating with control, and supplementing the body with Vit C from fresh vegetables or persimmon tea or other sources.  In addition, having an air bath or showering in cold and warm water alternatively enhances the respiratory function of the skin, through which extra oxygen is taken inside the body.  In short, aerobic respiration exercise and capillary exercise help the body obtain sufficient oxygen and thus prevent heart disease.

The above measures have particular significance to people who vagi are in tension and whose humor contains a high level alkali.  These people should perform aerobic exercise on daily basis, which stimulates their symphathetic nerves and harmonizes their autonomic nervous system.  A well adjusted respiratory function reduces the risk of heart disease. 


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