WANTED:  People To Test Out Our  New Japanese Thermal #Massage Recovery Bed For A Discount

Residents of #Tenerife and surrounds will you do us a favour?

For 9 years now we’ve been servicing for local residents who:
- Want to reduce tension in their back, neck, shoulders
- Are looking for some 'me time',

Our service has been very well received, and now we are looking to continue to grow, which brings me to my favour.

Social media reviews are very important for a small family business like ours, and we are looking for more, so I’m coming to you with a request for help…

All of our clients who have tried our new Japanese thermal Massage Recovery bed have been amazed with their the results for:
- #detoxing
- reducing #oedema and #swelling
- Relieving back pain
- #Weight loss aids
- #Cellulite reduction
- improving #circulation and #immunity

And we would like to get the word out there for more people to try it out for themselves...

So the next 20 clients that come in for a 30 mins thermal therapy and leave a review, we’ll give a 50% discount on their treatment!!

If you are interested, just let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you a message to organise your appointment.

There are only 20 spots in total available!

Get one now by letting us know below if you’re interested in helping out.

Ease Back Pain  in just 30 minutes with Warm comforting Japanese massage bed.

SOQI bed massaging the spine loosen up hard muscle and tendon..Relaxes the mind and body.

Guarantee you ll feel on the Cloud Nine

Simple and Effective.

$20  for the first 20 clients



People who experienced the SOQI Bed

Thank you Marguerite for explaining the healing benefits of the SOQI Far Infrared therapy bed. I noticed a change after my first session and after 3 sessions could confirm the results.
Previously had toxic build up causing stiffness and pain in joints especially ankles, knees and lower back.
The Far Infrared therapy really stimulated the lymphatic system . . had the best sleep after first session . .woke up with increased energy and dramatically less joint pain!

I experienced a deep restful sleep and almost pain free next morning!
I highly recommend this therapy and will continue with my healing sessions.

C. Grace


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