Diabetes and Weight Reduction


In Mitake City, Tokyo, the Public Welfare Hospital has used Far Infrared ray to trat patietns with diet-induced diabetes since 1981.  the results are impressive.  One patient had lost up to 5 kilograms in weight and lowered his blood sugar level from 18.0 to 12.5 grams.  His blood pressure had decreased accordingly.

Diabetes is a condition in which sugar appears in the urine.  the condition is induced by an increase of glucose in the blood when the pancreas is unable to secrete sufficient insulin.

The most common diabetes refers to pancreatic diabetes, insulin diabetes, non insulin or renal glucosuria.  It is unusual that sugar appears in the urine.  Out of all occurences, 68% are temporary.

The Far Infrared ray three zone heaters (SOQI FIR Dome) can be used to dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation alleviate muscular tension and control pain and inflammation.  These effects are achieved when the body perspires and a larger than normal volume of water and wastes are excreted from of the body along with the sweat.  

Clinical experiment was carried out on a female patient who was 27 years old and weighed 58 kg.  A far infrared ray three zone heater was used to radiate her body three times a week.  Each time the lasted 15 minutes.  Two weeks later her weight had dropped to 52 kg.


Using SOQI far infrared dome together with Sun Ancon Chi machine receive much greater results, boosted the circulation for the whole body




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