Detox for Summer



As we approach the end of the year, I thought it would be nice to share some tips on how you can best look after yourself and prepare for the summer season.

Most likely you have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to juggle your time between family and work, however at same time you also want to look after your health.

It’s natural to feel a bit sluggish after the winter months, and the best thing you can do for your body is to start detoxing now before the arrival of the busy holiday season. When people hear the word 'detox', often they think of juice cleanses and dieting, and rush out to buy the latest products. The problem with these methods however, is that they force your organs to work harder, and don't give your body the chance to build up it's energy. So while you may feel good initially, as soon as you return to your normal eating/drinking habits all the good work goes out the window. And why detox only when you are tired or unwell?

Unlike these short-term detox methods, the SOQI Sauna bed will give you long-term detox benefits. Designed for the 21st century person who is always on the run, the SOQI sauna bed is perfect for busy women, men and even kids.

So how does it work and what are some of the many benefits?

• Far Infrared rays help to increase circulation in the body
• Following each session, toxins (including heavy metals, fat,parasite, pesticide, drugs, alcohol and aluminium) are removed through bodily fluids, improving your health and helping to brighten and clear skin imperfections
• The warmth of the sauna bed loosens tight muscles, and is also wonderfully relaxing for the mind
• When used with the Chi Machine, oxygen is increased and your muscles are given a workout at the same time (just 15 mins on the machine is the equivalent of walking 10,000 steps)
• Both the mind and body are treated
• You save money that would usually be spent on ineffective detox products and one-off health retreats

Used regularly (starting at 30 minutes for a weak physique and increasing up to 90 minutes per session), you can feel and look good every day for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and beauty, the SOQI sauna bed will by far exceed your expectations!

Take this time to balance your body and do a little spring cleaning in your life!





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