Benefits of Massage Therapy






In today's hectic lifestyle we are often so busy with work, bringing up a family, study and surviving financially that we don't always have time for physical contact.  Yet holding out  caring hand, or hugging are important part of a healthy happy lifestyle

Touch is the first of the senses to develop, our skin is covered with sensory nerve receptors that receive stimuli of heat, cold, touch, pressure and pain. Signals from touch receptors pass via sensory nerves to our nervous system (spinal cord) and on to the brain. 

Studies show that those who frequently touched demonstrate a more positive attitude about themselves. 

There are huge cultural differences in attitudes to tactile behaviour, some cultures are characterized by a " Do Not Touch Me" way of life, while others there is so much embracing to touch.

Whatever our cultural background, we all have a natural ability to touch and a need to be touched.

For some people this ability just needs developing and what better way to do so than with massage?.  Not only is massage enjoyable for its therapeutic benefits, but it also provides a at of breaking down the barriers that sometimes separate us from our feeling.

Massage is particularly valuable in Western society where touching is so confined..  In a world full of expensive gadgets designed to make life easier, it is wonderfully satisfying to know that we can give so much pleasure simply by using our hands.

In Asia touch is a much greater role in every day life and healing embraces the mind, body and spirit , which I fortunate to experienced living in Asia and had received daily healing through touch therapy.  In the West medicine still sometimes separates physical symptoms from the person as a whole. Yet throughout history massage has been used to relieve suffering.

Massage can help reduce on headaches or migraines

Massage therapy can help reduce the inflammation and increase circulation which can help reduce the pain.   Book yourself 90 minutes massage if you have frequent migraines.

Massage is anti-ageing

Regular massage increase blood flow, which feeding our skin cells to keep your face and body looking healthy, strengthen collagen and firm and tighten the skin and detoxify add vitality to a dull complextion.  Add E-Power session with Anti-Ageing massage.

Massage for weight reduction and anti-cellulite

When we are struggling to loose cm mean our internal organs is quite sluggish, lack of circulation, toxin build up which cause weight gain.  Our sewerage system is not flowing to rid excess food and fluid. Massage helps increase circulation to move toxins away toward slimming. For better results add E-Power and Soqi far infrared sessions.

Massage for anger management

Have once a week massage could help change mood swings, PMS symptoms, more calmer, ,more creative.

Massage helps to reduce side effects of cancer .

Research found that people with cancer feel more less panic, better sleep, less pain and have more energy after receiving regular relaxation massage

Massage helps many other health challenges and improve health and happier self.

Massage Special Offers for regular

2 x 60 minutes only $110




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