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Been a while since I connect with you all,  I just want to pass this message on to you as a reminder to be aware of our dirty toxic environment and our mind.  It is important for all of us to find time to be in stillness let Chi (Qi) energy to flow and detoxify to improve our health and peace in our soul.

According to Dr Brian Clement

" For every 17 micrograms of lead in your body, your IQ is reduced by 10 points"

No wonder  more and more people getting Alzheimer, and more other diseases cause by Toxic.  Toxic come from EMF (dirty electricity), accessive thinking, food, water, environment, cleaning chemical, skin care chemical, etc.

I have include a video on introduction to: Dirty Electricity by Dr Sam Milham



Be aware if you have ongoing

Bloated- Headache - Fever - Tired - On Going Infection

Immune deficiency can be prevented by first eliminating as many immune suppressant elements as possible from your daily lifestyle and diet and start eating all immunity boosting foods and supplements every single day!

Immune suppresive elements Includes:

  • Sugar:  you fine this in refined white sugar trigers the release of insulin from the pancreas
  • Hydrogenated vegetables oils: is in all in processed foods, baby fomulas, non-dairy creamers, salad dressings etc.
  • Beef and cow's milk:  steroid hormones, antibiotics and other drugs routinely fed to cattle are absorbed by people who eat the meat and drink milk, eating such contaminted animals throwing the endocrine system off balance and impairing immunity
  • Heavy metals:  toxic heavy metals includes: cadmium, lead, mercury and aluminium suppress all branches of the immune system, depressing bone marrow function, inhibiting T-cells, B-cells, cadmium also block of zinc absorb into your body  Drinking tap waters poison your body with heavy metals as well as contaminated fish, polluted air, fresh produce grown with synthetic fertilizers and cigarette smoke
  • Antibiotics: very powerful immune suppressors and also destroy the friendly lactobacteria in our intestinal tracts, therefore cause candida and other harmful yeasts to proliferate throughout the system which makes us low immunity.
  • Recreational drugs includes: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, poiates, amphetamines etc, when used to excess, severely inhibit immunity b releasing toxi by products into the blood stream and suppressing liver function. Coffee has ben linked to increased risk of pancreas cancer, the offending agents isnt caffeine, its other elements contained in coffee beans.  When drinking coffee together wih refined sugar and non dairy creamer, the immune system gets destroy with a triple blow.



Aberrant energies can invade the human energy system from external sources, such as exposure to microwaves, radiation, fluorescent ligts and other forms of electromagnetic pollution and they can be generated internally by emotional turmil, toxins, ailing organs, or obstructed energy channels.  Either way the firs casualty of aberrant energy is IMMUNITY, and teh first aid to repairing low immune system caused by energy imbalance is teh internal energy exercise.

Energy factors that impair immunity

  • Abnormal electromagnetic fields hazards to human health includes: power lines, electrical appliances, and all electrical gadgets.  Abnormal electromagnetic fields impair immunity at its central head-quaters in the brain.
  • Microwave: suppress the same glands and tissue as abnormal electomagnetic fields.  Passive exposure to microwave radiation triggers stress response on even the calmest, most balanced person, which exhaust the adrenals and cause a complete breakdown of the immune system.
  • Air pollution:  smoke, industrial emission, motor vehicle exhaust fill the air with heavy positive ions that negate the activity of negative ions, Air conditiond and central heating have the same effects.
  • Deficient light: Light is the main source of energy for the pituitary gland, which receive the energy through pineal gland.  The body need light to produce Vit D, light also helps you sleep.
  • Shallow breathing and physical stagnation: shallow breathing creates conditions of chronic fatigue and physical stagnation in human body, impairing immune system cause by not enough oxygen.
  • Emotional turmoil: frequent outburst of extreme emotions are regarded as the primary internal source of diseas in triditional chinese medicine.

Will post more info about how to improve your immunity.  In the mean time take a good care, keep detoxing,  have lots of rest,  reduce the stress level which also part of improve your immune sytem.

Love and Light

Marguerite T

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