SoapNuts available now!

Written by Marguerite Tarman

Hi Everyone,

Finally I have found some of Chemical, toxic Free household products, they are available at Chi Health Spa now. Come in and grab some to try, or go on line shop, I love them, smell so fresh and great results.  Cost average 5 cents per washing.



Laundry soap and Household Cleanser straight from the Tree to you
Simply add Water!
SoapNuts are Mother Nature's Gift Caring for You, Your Home, Your Planet



SoapNuts for:

  • Fresh Clean Laundry
  • For your Diswasher
  • All Purpose Liquid Solution
  • Super SafeSurface Cleanser
  • Powerful Pet Shampoo
  • Love Your Hair and Body


SoapNuts are Chemical Free

Free from nasties, lie alkyl benzene, fluorescer, alkalis, zeolite, sulphate, phosphate and EDTA, you don't want these on your skin!
Hypoallergenic, Unpolluted grey water, Environmentally friendly

This natural gift from Mother Nature is not manufactured nor processed in any way. They grow on a tree, are wild harvested and packaged ready for you to use. SoapNuts create no pollution nor use precious resources such as water or power, nothing added, nothing taken, Grown by Mother Nature sun and rain.