SOQI Distributor needed

Written by Marguerite Tarman

Have you been thinking to have your own Health business?

We are looking for Soqi  distributor or Chi Health Spa centre for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Soqi is the futuristic Alternative Medicine tools, easy to use for home or businesses, recognised by medical practioner around the world including Australia. Soqi devices speak itself from the 1st go.

How can I be a distributor, I dont have medical background?

You the best distributor when you use the Soqi health equipment yourself, soqi helps you feel amazing inside out and without you realise that you will be talking about it.

How much is cost to start this business?

HTE is very generous company to help you growth in your business.  You can choose to do it part time or full time and start from as little below $700 and you can choose to be a distributor or an additional service to your existing business or can do both.

Soqi business is great for home business, or add to your existing health and beauty centre, fitness centre, dentist, hair dresser, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapy, massage therapist etc.

For more information:  call Marguerite 0417771908