What is SOQI

Written by Marguerite Tarman


"SOQI" is the abbreviation of "SOLAR" and "QI."
"QI" is the International writing for "CHI".
"SOQI" means "The life force from the sun."


The circular picture above the SOQI trademark is taken from the Tai-Chi Symbol and consists of this great ancient Chinese theory.
SOQI energy can circulate in our physical body, neutralize Yin & Yang, helps blood circulation, and leads to a peaceful mind for its users. Energizing Power is also beneficial to one's physical appearance - our participants may find themselves more energized and engaged to work at their job, play with their children and interact with their spouse. They feel confident, filled with hope and satisfaction. Hence, they truly enjoy a "Beautiful Life."
It is HTE's greatest and most sincere hope to have SOQI become a brand name for health, wellness, and fitness. Most importantly, we want to emphasize that all of our product lines are absolutely natural, environmentally friendly, miraculous, and unique.