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Marguerite is intuitive massage and wholistic beauty therapist, which all about making connection with my clients from the heart space.  My career started as a Sports Massage therapist 30 years ago, worked with a few well known athletes, health spas and many sporting events such as: Pan Pacific Master Games, Bicycle Ryder Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. 

My experienced and qualification includes: Colon hydrotherapy, Therapeutic, Sports,  Advance Physical Therapy, Reflexology, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular, Trigger Points, Lymphatic Drainage and Energy Far Infrared Therapy and electrotherapy.  

My intention is helping you to have your life back feeling amazing about yourself and able to freeing yourself from the physical and emotional pain, to release blockages of the problem to improve the energy of the body circulation system,   



I was unhealthy since I was little girl.  Photo taken 1995

For the last 15 years I become more energize and healthier by 
 managing my vibration energy and feel more balance.  This photo taken 2010

I now have the health and vibrancy to help others. 2017

5 Star Rating


Marguerite's treatments have helped me very much with my long standing back and muscle issues, cause by a motorbike accident when I was 18. I am now have regular appointments with Marguerite, who makes you feel very welcome and comfortable straight away. I recommend Chi Health Spa to anyone who needs muscular pain relief and relaxation.

Kelly Cheyne

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