Marguerite Tarman

Marguerite Tarman

Chi Health Spa is a small humble business distribution centre and services for SOQI Multiple Energy created by Marguerite.  Marguerite career start as a Sports Massage therapist 25 years ago and worked with a few well known athletes and large day spa.  Later in time her interest growth in improving Chi (energy) and detoxification through Colon Hydrotherapy as well as meditation.

8 years ago I was looking for far infrared product to help my father prostrate, and discover SOQI HotHouse, he tried and love the feeling after using the HotHouse, he ended up bought 3 of far infrared HotHouses for the family.

When he bought me the HotHouse I then  adding the HotHouse in conjunction for massage treatment.  The results is amazing, my clients felt much calmer, relax and less pain in short time.

I have used far infrared health products for many years before found SOQI,  however SOQI is not just Far Infrared, it is Multiple Energy, After 30 to 45 minutes session on SOQI Bed the body feels light like a sense of having deep relaxation, the soul feel so peaceful, the mind feels like nothing to worry about, see the glow in your eyes. Highly recommended!

You can come try the SOQI health products before you buy or use them here.

Chi Health Spa also offer Massage therapy, Cellulite reduction therapy, Slimming, Detox therapy and Multiple Energy.

My aims is supporting the humanity, animals and the planet for a better place to live, reduce the suffering.


Love, Kindness and Compassion

Marguerite T

I was unhealthy in 1998

Using the SOQI FAR Infrared Sauna bed, eating non animal products and meditate, I grew healthier

I now have the health and vibrancy to enjoy my granddaughter.