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SOQI Bed provide an experience a deep sense of 
 relaxation without the effort or discipline of Deep Meditation or Qi Gong Exercise
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I feel the Energy facial assist my life in so many ways. Unfortunately my skin is highly effected by my eating habits, lifestyle and hormones. I have suffered acne all through my adult life. When I use the e-power machine my skin inflammation is greatly decreased, along with the redness.
I feel this over my entire body actually not just my face. I seem have less fluid retention and feel so much more healthy. In the past my skin can flair up with acne appearing on my face, back and chest. This often takes over two weeks to clear or improve with conventional methods such as diet changes etc. But after four or five daily sessions I definitely feel my skin inflammation is so much better. Aside from this I practice yoga and have found that the regular e-power sessions, sky rocket my enjoyment of yoga. I feel so grounded. It’s also affecting my piano lessons, to the point where I feel my motivation and concentration levels are greatly enhanced. When I have regular sessions on the e-power machine, my life is effected in so many ways. I cannot help, but feel my whole energy is enhanced – my life force – my chi. Marguerite, like I always have said, you are the chi lady. I really love listening to your advice and knowledge. Thank you.

Janelle B - Acne, Fluid Retention, Energy & Relaxation

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