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Energy Wellness, extend the improvement of your health using the latest and first in Australia, worldwide well known SOQI Far Infrared sauna massage bed, E-Power Negative Potential Body Energizer.   It is our mission to inspire health awakening within everyone. We are dedicated to provide you ways to enhance your health. Chi Health Spa will give you opportunities to balance, slimming to reduce access fluid, overcome your pain, reach your goals, and enhance your life. We are looking forward to working with you and to the amazing journey that will empower you.


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Marguerite is a passionate, knowledgeable professional who practices with a blend of technical expertise in the field of Chi energy, grace and authenticity. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge has enabled me to rebalance and introduce life changing practices into my life. Marguerite's sessions have, through her hands on energy practice and therapy treatment beds, had a significant impact on my approach to my weight loss campaign. Her expertise in her field through years of dedicated practice extends to not only assisting her clients to preserve and restore physical health but opens an awareness to spiritual and emotional awareness.

Bernie Porter

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