Welcome to Chi Health Spa where you can escape to find quiteness in our tranquility room to recharge, restore your energy and Clear your mind whenever you needed.  We also practicing clean living use non toxic products only.  

Chi Health  tranquility room available for you and includes powerfully relaxes and recharge your energy with Body Energizer (negative potential and frequency) for only $15 - 30 min session plus complimentary herbal teas. You can also add SOQI far infrared energy massage bed to enhance your body to relax and energize while you are in the stillness.

For those who are looking for particular treatment for chronic pain, swelling and non surgery skin tightening, we offers Holistic Health & beauty treatment and Anti-Aging. Lymphatic drainage is our speciality,  we offers manual lymphatic drainage and Lymphatic drainage machine using SOQI Energy bed.  Please browse around our services to familiar yourself what we offer for your wellbeing.


SO in the world SOQI represent solar energy.  Without the sun no life form can exist on our blue planet.

QI in the world SOQI represents our internal chi energy that we breathe in and breathe out.  With solar and chi energy SOQI creates a natural environment for the body to re-energize and relax

SOQI inspired by energy healing and back to nature concepts, the three energy approach is your gate away to good health.

SOQI are consist of : SOQI Far Infrared Massage Bed, Sun Ancon Chi Machine & E-Power.

SOQI BED: Far Infrared Energy Massage Bed.   Warm, Comfortable, Thermal healing.  Relaxing.  Benefits increase circulation, reduce inflammation, excellent for pain relief, weight loss aid, cellulite, support the immunity and balancing the ying and yang.   Non-invasive.

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CHI MACHINE:  Therapeutic Massager by Sun Ancon Chi Machine "The Original Chi Machine"  

Relieve vertebra joint pressure and promotes energy ,  oxygenation, design for lymphoedema and therapeutic massager.  Perfect exercise and relaxation at the same time to reduce brain foggy, tightness, 

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Designed to provide Negative Potential Energy (Energy for Rest) with High Frequency Energy (More ATP). 

For Pain and Stress: relaxes Parasympathetic Nervous System, good for immunity.

For Beauty: Increase Collagen, Connective Tissue Cells, Nerve & Skin Regeneration.  Whole Body Skin Tightening 

Relax in Tranquility room and Charge your Energy with E-Power

Promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build immunity, aids in the reconnection of broken or damage electrical circuits within our body by stimulating correct wave form, current and frequency.

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Reviews 5 Star Rating


I really enjoyed the massage & the facial.

Sadewi Cahyani

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