SOQI BED (Thermal Therapy)
Detoxify - Weight Reduction - Cellulite - Relaxation - Pain Relief - Energize
What Yoga Expert says about having Soqi Bed?
 Denise Willigenburg, Yoga Teacher ASMY Brisbane 

Because that feeling when the Chi flows through my body is amazing! I feel every cell in my body rejuvenating and the most special is that I don’t feel any kind of gravity on my body for a couple of minutes. Due to the infrared and warmth of the bed it works all the toxicity out of my system what I noticed in my daily life. I love to lie down in this bed after a yoga class to make the most out of it, restore my body and feeling fit for the rest of the day!


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I have been seeing Marguerite for quite some time now for various reasons and can highly recommend her to help you. I have used most of her services but by far my favourite and most beneficial is the SOQI far infrared massage bed and the Chi Machine . After my time on this bed I always feel relaxed and a whole lot more invigorated and in a whole lot less pain then when I started. it does wonders for my insides and out. please do yourself a favour and book your appointment with Marguerite now. You wont regret it.

Sharon Bertoli

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