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We use the latest technology machines to improve your health.  You can use our machines or you can buy your own.  Slimming down, reducing stress, very effective for cellulite reduction, looking and feeling better are just some of the incredible outcomes people have experienced.  Isn't it time for you to experience it too?
SOQI Energy Shields My Life



What attracted me to your advertisement was An Alternative, non invasive therapy, Chi Far Infrared to help me with circulation and cold feet and hands and back pain management solution. I remember after the first treatment with Chi Multiple Energy I felt re-energized. Thanks again for introducing me to Chi Energy and Sun Ancon Chi Machine. I have many people common on I look healthier and more radiant. E-Power is very addictive I use it everyday. The more I use it the more energized I feel. It is a fantastic machine. I also find Multiple Energy Therapy might have cured my hayfever too. I did not have any sneeze attacks this season.

My dad also like the Chi Machine. He always practice "Chi Kong" after Chi machine he notice his "Chi" energy flow more smoothly.

Lynn Hsue - Circulation, Back Pain, Headache and Hayfever

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