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Sun Ancon Chi Machine - SOQI Energy Far Infrared Bed - E-Power and Tahitian Noni by NewAge

 Natural health products dedicated to enhance Energy and fast Recovery from Cellular Level

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SOQI Bed; and E-Power health devices are available for trial at our centre

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Testimonials 5 Star Rating


Thank you Marguerite for explaining the healing benefits of the SOQI Far Infrared therapy bed.

I noticed a change after my first session and after 3 sessions could confirm the results.

Previously had toxic buildup causing stiffness and pain in joints especially ankles, knees and lower back.

The Far Infrared therapy really stimulated the lymphatic system . . had the best sleep after first session . .woke up with increased energy and dramatically less joint pain!

On the 3rd session, the lower back was aching and had much stiffness in hips and back prior to the therapy.

I experienced a deep restful sleep and almost pain free next morning!

I highly recommend this therapy and will continue with my healing sessions.


Catherine Grace

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