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SOQI Detox Massage Bed one of  world wide well known device to extend the improvement of your health and beauty, the latest and first in Australia. It is our mission to inspire health awakening within everyone.  We are dedicated to provide you ways to enhance your health and beauty.  Chi Health Spa  give you opportunities to balance, slimming, reduce access fluid, cellulite reduction, overcome your pain, and enhance your life. We are looking forward to working with you and to the amazing journey that will empower you.


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After using the SOQI far infrared massage bed and the Chi Machine I have felt, happier, lighter, more energy and I am sleeping better, I look and feel Younger!

I also experienced a metalic taste in my mouth from my body detoxing of metals and my colon emptying as well. I would highly recommended using SOQI far infrared sauna (massage bed) for better health, happiness and living!

Marcia Nikora - Heavy Metal Detox

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