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Massage - SOQI Wellbeing - Organic Aromatherapy

SOQI for wellbeing - Detox - Cellulite - Weight Reduction - Skin Tightening and Pain Relief

Massage: Therapeutic - Remedial massage - Sports Massage

Organic Aromatherapy: Uses Cerified Organic products 

SOQi Experience a deep sense of 
 relaxation without the effort or discipline of Deep Meditation or Qi Gong Exercise
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Testimonials 5 Star Rating


I have used the E Power and Thermal energy twice now and have noticed less acute pain in areas where it made everyday activities hard to do. Now I can do these activities easier and quicker. I have more energy and hungrier. I am naturally a slim person so being hungrier and eating is not an issue

Sharyn Morwood - Acute Pain RSI

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