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Chi Machine Distributor offers SOQI health devices for home use to includes in daily healthy lifestyle

SOQI BED (Thermal Therapy)
Detoxify - Weight Reduction - Cellulite - Relaxation - Pain Relief - Energize
What Yoga Expert says about having Soqi Bed?
 Denise Willigenburg, Yoga Teacher ASMY Brisbane 

Because that feeling when the Chi flows through my body is amazing! I feel every cell in my body rejuvenating and the most special is that I don’t feel any kind of gravity on my body for a couple of minutes. Due to the infrared and warmth of the bed it works all the toxicity out of my system what I noticed in my daily life. I love to lie down in this bed after a yoga class to make the most out of it, restore my body and feeling fit for the rest of the day!


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I have nothing but good things to say about Marguerite. My brother and I came in for a sports massage recently and felt significantly looser and more relaxed. Marguerite was very pleasant to talk to, and had loads of interesting and useful advice to give. After trying massages at the mall for similar prices, I was very glad to have found someone as experienced and passionate about healing the body and mind. The Health Spa was also beautifully decorated. We will both definitely be planning to be back regularly. Marguerite's various techniques (such as Infrared heat and "Chi machine") combined with her experience was well worth the money.

Ahmed Ismail

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