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We use the latest technology machines to improve your health.  You can use our machines or you can buy your own.  Slimming down, reducing stress, looking and feeling better are just some of the incredible outcomes people have experienced.  Isn't it time for you to experience it too?
SOQI Energy Shields My Life

Hurry only 10 memberships available!

Unlimited 30 minutes visits to use any of our Energy Devices:

  • Far Infrared Detox Bed
  • E-Power High frequency Body Energizer
  • Theramax Far Infrared Massaged Bed

Start up cost $75
3 months $55 per week
6 months $50 per week
12 months $45 per week

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My experience with Far Infrared Hot House (SOQI Far Infrared)

I went to Marguerite to use the Far Infrared Thermal massage bed. I was having problem with osteoarthritis in both knees. She put the SOQI far infrared dome , and I received great relief so I purchase one. I have had great results with clients back, muscular aches and pain, stiffness.

I recommended the SOQI Far Infrared dome, it has so many relaxing and healing property


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