Welcome to Chi Health Spa
Chi Health Spa is a small business run by Marguerite Tarman, the centre located just of Albion, Brisbane.  My life is journey is committed to helping you to stay balance, humble through being mindfullness, reduce all the suffering and create a save place for animals and us.  
Our services and products are base on vegan, organic or as natural as possible. One of the the health devices we use and distribute for practioners, corporate companies and each individuals is called Soqi = Solar Energy = Energy from the Sun and famous Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
I hope you enjoy browsing the website and your visits.
SOQI Energy Shields My Life

 Make Your Home A Healing Home


Marguerite is a beautiful and kind person with lots of helpful advice. The Soqi Bed is amazing and since using it my digestion has improved and my periods have regulated. I feel amazing after using it and I highly recommended a massage from Marguerite - very relaxing!
January 2016

Dr Emma Rogers

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